Winter Awareness: Preparing for Snow Removal

The winter season brings many different things, some good and others that are perhaps more of a nuisance than anything. f your driveway is constantly covered with a heavy blanket of snow, you’re probably looking for some ways to remove it.

There are few things worse in winter than waking up to a driveway full of snow and not being able to remove it. Not only can this type of situation prevent you from leaving the house, but it can also hurt your budget if you must pay someone to remove it. Luckily, you can void these types of unfortunate circumstances by preparing yourself with the right tools and knowledge before the storm hits.

(C) Piepmeier Concrete Inc

(C) Piepmeier Concrete Inc

Pre-storm Prep

In most cases, you should know when a bad winter storm is headed your way. When the weather report expects heavy snow, spread a little salt and deicer on your driveway and sidewalk before it starts snowing. These chemicals will make snow removal easier and help lessen ice accumulation beneath the snow. If you are short on deicer and salt, kitty litter will also do the trick.

Move Your Vehicles

After you’ve spread salt and deicer, move as many vehicles as possible onto your driveway. The vehicles will block snow from accumulating on the driveway and it’s far easier to remove the snow from the top of vehicles than shoveling it off the ground. Line up the cars and trucks in a single line, if possible. It’s also a good idea to park a vehicle that has four-wheel drive at the end of the line as getting out of the driveway first will be a challenge.

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