Why I Don’t Curse in Front of My Kids

Kids don’t get stressed out because their parents disagree but they do get stressed out when the intensity, frequency and nastiness of the disagreements are severe. But as much as you can, don’t show your kids that you are so cursing because it might cause a negative effect on him/her.

Constance Hall, an Australian mom blogger, has gotten a lot of attention and a lot of likes (over 28,000) for a viral post she wrote about cursing in front of her kids. If you read the entire post, it’s actually less about cursing than about teaching your kids to be respectful and kind to each other, and, hey, who doesn’t agree with that? But some of the conversations her post has generated seem to play into the idea that to be a really cool mom, you have to pepper your everyday speech with every version of the F word you can think of.

Then I guess I’m the least cool mom on the planet.

Oh sure, I’ve let out the occasional, “Oh, sh##” when I’ve stubbed my toe tripping over a wayward backpack (to much gasping and giggling from my kids), but I have never intentionally used a curse word in front of them. I believe words are incredibly powerful and uniquely hurtful, and I believe it’s a very slippery slope between using the F word as an adjective (“I’m so f***ing mad about that mess you made the kitchen”) to using it as a weapon (“F**k you!”).

One non-negotiable rule we have in our home is that everyone must speak respectfully to each other. The result is, my kids may bicker (put two adolescent girls into one bedroom and see the sparks fly), but I have never heard them call each other anything worse than “butthead,” a term of endearment they picked up from binge-watching The Wonder Years. Do I think my kids never hear a curse word or use one when they’re at school or with friends? Of course not. They live in the real world. But I do think they are far less likely to use those words, since they do not slip out naturally or easily.

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