Which of the Home Siding Options Should You Choose

When you’re looking at the alternatives that are offered for siding your property – regardless of whether you are renovating the property or you are going to be building a new home from the foundation up – there are a number of things that you will want to consider. One of the primary options that you’ll need to make when you choose siding for your property involves the type of siding you will use.

Deciding on the best siding for your home is very important. It sets the tone of the property and may even help you save money dependent upon the route in which you go. Following is a quick and simple guide to different styles of siding in order to help you choose which is best for your needs.

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Take fiber cement siding as a perfect example of this vast advancement in exterior home siding materials. Since it is by and large made out of molds of real wood, the ultimate result of its imitation wood planks are frequently confused for real wood by many property owners and home buyers. Companies like James Hardie Building Products, CertainTeed and Nichiha, among others, have perfected the production of this type of siding to the point where many large builders are making it a standard of their housing tracts.

Other siding options in the imitation wood department consist of vinyl siding and aluminum siding. Both of these materials have come under fire before as clearly unnatural looking non-wood alternatives. However, the same advancement in technology which is seen in fiber cement may be seen in aluminum and vinyl as well. Companies like CertainTeed and GAF, for example, have perfected the art of combining color and texture in their vinyl siding products to give wood a run for its money in the appearance department. Likewise for Aluminum with industry leaders like Alcoa, Wolverine and Alsco answering the critics call by developing incredibly realistic looking siding.

Many householders enjoy the appearance and feel of wood siding as a result of rustic charm as well as smoothness it gives you. Others choose to paint over the natural colors for a more contemporary look. Regardless of style preferences, most homeowners who choose wood siding appreciate its proven longevity. Nonetheless, different styles are notable for greater endurance than the others. Moreover, wood siding requires vigilant care and maintenance, as protection against termites, ants, rot, water damage, fire, as well as other natural detriments is an ongoing process that has to be tended to regularly and calculated in to the final cost of the product.

Selecting a replacement from your home’s siding doesn’t need to be stressful. But it’ll call for you to do some homework. By noting these pointers, it is possible to simplify the process. You can make things easier still by talking to local home siding experts and learning what to expect with a particular siding option.


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