Wallpaper or Paint? Pros and Cons

When you enter a residence, the first thing which you observe is the wall. The way the wall is adorned and painted takes its great influence on the entire appearance of the home. No matter how high-class the furniture are, still it won’t be attractive if the wall will not enhance it. This is why making a choice on what you should put on you wall is a serious choice, regardless of whether you’ll go for wallpaper or paints.

•    Advantages of Wallpaper
Many modern wallpapers lasts for ten to fifteen years, whereas, repainting often must be done as frequently as every few years. This lowers your costs. Wallpaper could add intricacy and fascinating features to a room and wallpaper offers a wide variety of forms of ‘looks’ like patterns, textures and even created to appear to be wood or cloth.


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•    Disadvantages of Wallpaper
Of course, wallpaper could be an instant answer to your uninteresting walls however when you get fed up at its style, it can be hard to get rid of it especially for distinct types of wallpapers. Furthermore, as soon as a part gets torn, you simply can’t just cover it with another as it won’t appear attractive. Your choice is to just bear it should you don’t have the funds or simply just replace the entire panel. Depending on the type and design, wallpapers tend to be expensive that paint since it is sold per meter. There’s even a big tendency for molds to develop as a result of humidity.

•    Advantages of Paint
Cheap and simple – most people could perform sufficient paint job and both material and labour for painting isn’t expensive. Reduced preparation time and extra layers may hide blemishes well. Irregular walls would be best hidden by having a solid colour in order that the sides or borders do not highlight a skew line. Paint is readily painted over, and you could pick from a matte or gloss finish.

•    Disadvantages of Paint
Even though painting can be done effortlessly, your walls may require repainting frequently dependent upon your paint choice. It can possibly give off or contain chemical substances that can harm your loved ones therefore it is vital that you look into the content of your paint. Furthermore, if you want a unique pattern, it might take some time to make as your painter has to do it from scratch.

But actually, you are not obliged to choose one as you possibly can combine both in your walls. For your kid’s room, you may have wallpapered walls since they are more interested in patterns whilst in the master’s bedroom, you may go for painted walls. Whatever your final decision is, it is up to you and your family’s desire.