Vaporooter FAQs

Vaporooter is an herbicide which is used as foam and is used on your pipes and drain to get rid of any roots growing inside. The use of the herbicide wipes out the roots in the pipes and drain. It however will not damage the tree itself for the reason that foam only kills the part of the root it is exposed to.”

Vaporooter is the use of a laboratory-designed chemical foam treatment to get rid of any kind of dangerous roots which will find the way to your sewage drainage systems. The chemical is poured down a drainage opening like the toilet and flows down and towards the sewage system in which it has a corrosive impact on any roots it comes into contact with.

Instead of anticipating the nuisance to be a dilemma expecting the roots will grow somewhere else, remedy the problem now. When left unresolved, the issue of invasive roots will do more dangerous problem than to a minor treatment.

An experienced and skilled plumber may use a water jet or an electric eel to deal with the roots. These techniques will get rid of the roots but the main problem is the fact that these roots usually tend of growing back thicker than before. To prevent this, it merely requires a lasting solution when controling the roots. Vaporooter covers this problem completely.

How Does It Work?

Vaporooter contains a foaming agent, contact herbicide and a growth inhibitor. The foaming agent helps in disbursing the product equally through the entire inner section of the pipe to ensure that all roots are reached.Vaporooter foam ruins the roots inside the pipes and prevents regrowth. The root growth inhibitor connects itself to organic materials inside a treated pipe and sterilizes soil that had roots before.

The treatment, in contrast to other treatments, doesn’t corrode sewer lines. Its ingredients are very mild. The treatment is safe to use since it’s ingredients, metam sodium and dichlobenil are utilized to reduce the growth and development of weeds in food crop gardens. The treatment doesn’t harm the land close to the affected pipes. It ensures that the environment is well taken care of.

Before Vaporooter foam application, the plumber uses a high pressure water jet to completely clean the roots. This can be to ensure there is a great surface contact for the Vaporooter agent to work well. Then, the foam is pumped into the pipe. Over time, the roots die and begin to decay. They then drop off and are washed away with the waste water.

Why Vaporooter Is Important:

1. It could cost you less as an alternative to dealing a major plumbing problem.

2. It is a convenient treatment option because it is only done once per year and you will enjoy a clear drain for the rest of the year.

3. The usage of Vaporooter treatment does not damage pipes much like the mechanical treatment options that usually end up damaging pipes. It’s a safer alternative.

4. Additionally, it saves you time since the application process takes a very short period of time. You don’t have to wait for a very long time for the plumbers in order to complete handling your sewer pipes.

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