Tips for Choosing a Hot Water Heater

If ever your water heater has finally break down, or perhaps you like to upgrade to a new, energy efficient product, there are various points that should be regarded as get an appliance that will assist you well for quite some time. Here are a few aspects to consider as you make your mind up.

What type of power?

The primary types of a water heater are gas, electric and solar water heater. If you select an electric heater, you will need a dedicated line. Having a gas version, you need to be able to install a line, that may be natural gas or propane. It’s usually the simplest decision to make, because you will probably want to stick with what you have in your own home.

(C) The Spruce

(C) The Spruce

What size do you need?

Never make the error of assuming the size of heater you’ve got is appropriate. A lot of households have heaters which are oversized, which wastes lots of energy, or small, making the household exhaust hot water too quickly. An average household uses a 50-gallon heater, though this decision can be a bit tricky. The best choice is possessing a plumber to estimate your property and assess your needs.

Where will it be installed?

It’s really a frequent scenario that replacement water heaters are put on the same location of the outdated one. Yet, you have to identify the height and width to be sure enough space exists for installation since there might be differences on the size or efficiency of your water heater. For instance, in case your hot water use grows so you need to upgrade to a bigger tank size, it could be essential to run plumbing to a different area so the new, larger unit will fit. Whatever it can be, it is still suggested to let a professional plumber determine the right spot.

Do you want a tank or tankless model?

Tank style water heaters have been available for decades and still probably the most preferred choice. A tank style water heater maintains a steady availability of hot water from a convenient up to speed holding tank. This provides easy, quick, reliable usage of hot water. While in contrast, tankless water heaters supply heated water on demand rather than maintaining a preheated reserve. This “tankless” style can help to save as much as 30 % on energy because it doesn’t have to maintain a holding tank filled with hot water 24 / 7.

Water heater replacement must not be accomplished for those that are not really knowledgeable about it. It needs a skill and knowledge to carry out such task. So whenever you’re doubtful on your choices, you must look for professional guidance. A plumber is the best person that can assist you with this and they can guarantee you that everything will be setup appropriately.


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