Time To Eat! Importance of Eating Regularly

When you’re just with your partner, you really don’t care whatever time you want to eat. As adults, you can just grab anything in the fridge and cook anything you like. However, this isn’t the same when you already have kids. It is important for parents to understand the role and benefits of proper nutrition and timely eating for the children.


regular eating habits for children

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“Keeping to a regular eating pattern is important for children. Ms Suzanne Khor, Senior Dietician at Thomson Paediatric Centre (The Child Development Centre) tells us why.

Young children tend to eat better when there is a fixed timing or pattern for meals and snacks. Understanding children’s eating behaviour is important for our children’s future health as evidence indicates that dietary habits acquired in childhood persist through to adulthood. They are better prepared to eat as they have an idea of when is the next meal time (e.g. after time at the playground/ before bath time etc).”


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