The Benefits of Landscapes

Maybe you are just considering landscaping as a mere hobby but what you don’t realize is that you are actually not just enjoying yourself but you are also contributing to the environment as well as other people’s health. If you are not that convinced, you gotta read this.


“Human existence has been tied to nature for millennia.  Only recently has urbanization and technology put us at arm’s length.  Much research has been done in the last century that shows there are a multitude of environmental, economic, and lifestyle benefits provided by well-maintained landscapes. Connecting with plants and trees provides measureable health and emotional benefits,  and we don’t need to travel to the rain forest or the woods; we can get them from our house plants, our backyards, and our tree-lined city streets.  Just looking out a window at a tree can provide health benefits.”


Read full article at https://www.landcarenetwork.org/PLANET/Media/Benefits-of-Landscapes/PLANET/Media-Press/Benefits-of-Landscapes.aspx