The Benefits of Bidets

The various selections readily available for toilets and bidets permit property owners to get the most suitable fixture to correspond to their new bathroom remodeling. They may be custom-made to accommodate any bathroom design and style, and the technological possibilities these days make seemingly obsolete bidets an engaging alternative when choosing your new bathroom amenities.”

Bidets are found in roughly 80 percent of bathrooms around the world.

Bidets are popular bathroom fixtures used widely around the world. In Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, bidets are found in roughly 80 percent of bathrooms. However, many Americans have never even seen one, never mind used one. Maybe Americans just prefer paper to washing as a hygienic practice, but another theory is simply fear of the unknown.

Beginnings of Bidet

Bidets originated in France sometime in the late 17th century, though no exact date or inventor is known. The first bidets were simply bowls of water over which a person would splash themselves clean. Early on, the bidet was only popular amongst French upper classes, but it eventually spread across Europe and evolved along the way…


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