Should You Have a Master Key?

Master keys are handy when you need to access a number of rooms at the same time. There are lots of kinds of these keys and they vary depending on the level of the system. As an illustration, you have the 2-level key system that’s got two levels of keying. It can be deemed as the lowest level as it produces less powerful keys generally known as change keys. Keys under the 2-level system run only 1 lock. They may also handle a group of locks that are the same. Probably the most power unit under this feature is recognized as the master key. There’s also the 3-level key system which is generally a system of 2-level systems that were joined together. The most effective unit here is known as grand master key. The last system is the 4-level system that ties 2 or more 3-level systems tied together to form a great grand master key.

There are quite a number of benefits of having a master key. Some homeowners may have a desire to outfit different areas of their home with individual locks. Having master keys allows homeowners to open up all areas of their home, whilst granting ability to access specific areas to a particular people. Home owners who use gardeners and pool maintenance services can give a change key to people those only open areas outside the home. They may also provide members of the family or neighbors a key that unlocks an area of the home to take care of pets while the home owners are away.


While for businesses, while employees may need access to the entrance of a building as well as individual offices, owners and managers of a company must have keys for all parts of the building. This allows them to enter every room, while employees just have access to the areas they have to use.

On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks when using it. When one key exists that opens every door on the property or home, there is a tremendous obligation to keep that secure. Any property with a Master System should have a well-organized key tracking system in place and the master key well-guarded. There would be a security issue when wrong hands got the key. Which means that they will easily have an accessibility to the entire premise and it would be easier for them to execute their ill intentions.

This means you need to change your locks or in a worst case scenario, you might want to call emergency services to break into a premises, if someone inside is in danger and you can’t wait around for your own locksmith.