Sewer Backwater Valves

“This part of the plumbing system is very essential to people who resides in flood prone areas. Once you have backwater valve, you’ll be assured that your sewage problems will have a solution. It just makes a vital part of the primary plumbing system in the house.”




If you stay in flood-prone or low lying areas, sewer backwater valves are a necessity for you. To ensure a flood-proof basement and prevent any kind of sewer problems, it is very important for you to know your location with respect to the sanitary water system, which serves your building or apartment. Sewer backwater valves can become the difference between staying high and dry and having your basement flooded knee-deep with raw sewage.

Understanding the benefits of backwater valves

No matter how well organized your home is, clogged pipes, giving out foul smell can ruin your home ambience. Unplanned lying of sewage main lines can lead to sewage problems. Flooding too can cause sewage problems. Overland flooding can’t always be prevented; however, if you stay in a low-lying area, you can lower the sewage related problems considerably by installing backwater valves. A sewage backwater valve is a fixture installed on a drain line or a sewer line in the basement of your building foundation or your home to prevent sewer backflows.

Sewer backwater valves differ in their complexity, ease of operation and tightness of their seals. For instance, check or flap valves are …


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