Pros and Cons of Wallpaper and Paint

An excellent wall interior makes a good impression for your house. Once the property is embellished with wallpapers or painted with great colors, it quickly sets the mood of the place. But some will find it hard to decide whether or not to go for wallpapers or paint since both have pros and cons. Should you be getting the same dilemma, wish to consider try to discuss the difference of both so that you can decide what’s best for your home.

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Low cost and simple – the main advantage of paint is that it is accessible on the market and you will find already many professional painters who can complete the task for you. Paint can efficiently hide the marks, small holes, and scratches on your wall. You could try out any artwork with your wall or try out many decors once you use paint for the walls.

Heavier oil based paint will dry gradually and in most cases need a professional to apply it as oil based paints often run. Paint with high oil content is also less resistant against heat. Paint may also emit dangerous substances known as VOC’s. Paint usually lasts from 5 to 10 years but depending on your paint decision you may also end up painting more often.


Wallpapers have a wide range of patterns, colors and textures. From polka dots, plaid, florals, geometric shapes as well as landscapes, almost all these designs and more may be easily found with wallpaper. And also, textured wallpaper will add more energy to your walls which paints could not give. Additionally it is an easy and fastest method to hide imperfections and make illusions .Should you have an ugly cement wall in your family area, you’ll be able to cover it by just covering it up with wallpapers.

First off, wallpaper is more expensive by square meterage and labor. Putting in wallpaper is harder to perform than painting is, and if you get tired of your wallpaper it’s not as simple to paint over because you have to remove the wallpaper before painting. If you install new wallpaper it is usually better off taking off the wallpaper too rather than just papering over it. New types of wallpaper might be easier to remove than old types, but you could also run into maintenance issues if section of the wallpaper becomes damaged and requires replacement. Even when you can match the paper, the current paper might have changed colour in the sun thus it can make it harder to match than paint (where new paint can be mixed to match the washed out colour).

Why choose?

A number of people ponder – as to why decide? Use a mix off paint and wallpaper in every room – above and underneath the curtain rails (solid color on top preferably) and even some walls papered and some walls painted.