Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

If you want to enjoy your landscape in the evening, invest in outdoor lighting fixtures that will definitely showcase the beauty of your surroundings in a beautiful night. Also, always be reminded that your indoors lightings are not suitable and recommended for your landscape since the outdoor fixtures are more resistant to extreme weather a conditions.





Brass and glass fixtures with halogen or led light bulbs are housed in a round brass or copper tube and protected with a glass shield. Low voltage 18-3-50 watts per fixture.


Usually used in commercial applications, these beefy light posts are designed to prevent vehicles from entering an area or veering off a path. Fixtures are placed at the entry to building or along a driveway or path.

Post Lamps or Street Lamps

are 5-6 feet tall and create ambient light for the area in which they are placed. Great for outdoor bar service, dining areas or the BBQ, These fixtures are often wired for line voltage and placed on a manual switch separate from the low-voltage landscape lighting that comes on every night. One fixture typically covers a 14 foot diameter area.


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