Problems often associated with poor lawn drainage

  • The biggest landscaping problem associated with poor lawn drainage is that most plants are not adapted to water clogged soils.
    • Turf grass suffers from root rot, if sitting in water too long. Moss on the other hand, never gets too much water. So poor lawn drainage tends to tip the balance in favor of moss over grass. For information on low growing plants well adapted to wet soils, see Wet groundcovers.
    • Most trees and shrubs are also not adapted to growing in water saturated soils. They also suffer from root rot and lack of oxygen. Some trees, such as bald cypresses and red maples, are better adapted to such conditions. For more information on plants that do better in locations with poor lawn drainage, see either Wet sun plants or Wet shade plants.
  • Another big annoyance that comes with bad lawn drainage is that you can’t enjoy your yard, let alone walk  …


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