Lawn Aerators – The Best Way to Get Lush Green Lawns

Lawn aeration is a process that most individuals will use at some time or any other to keep their lawn looking fresh and healthy year after year. However, at the same time, there are also lots of people who are still left wondering what lawn aeration is as well as what it actually does. This is also true for those who have looking at a lawn maintenance service for the very first time. With lawn aerators, you will find the answer in your hands.

Aerating the soil on one’s lawn is among the necessary maintenance procedures for achieving healthy green grass all year-round. This action addresses the issue of soil compacting caused by foot and vehicle traffic, mowing, poor drainage, and wet soil conditions. Compacted soil has fewer spaces for oxygen and nutrients to circulate, prevents plant roots from expanding, and disrupts water from soaking deeper in to the ground.

(C) Turfvent.com

(C) Turfvent.com

By increasing the supply of oxygen to the soil, the open space around the home will be well-maintained. Aeration helps to cure infiltration of water, thatching and over or under compaction of the soil cover. Nutrients in the soil are activated and the roots develop and grow well whenever enough oxygen is made available to the lower layers and roots of grass and the plants. Water within the soil gets absorbed in a better way when the lawn is aerated. Core segments of the soil beds can be taken out through the use of metal rods as well as the holes thus formed in the lawn can be used for the goal of aeration and soil treatment.

The two main basic kinds of aerators; punch-core aerators, and spike aerators. Punch-core aerators are motorized with tube-like attachments in which cut into the soil and remove apple core type chunks of soil from your lawn. This loosens the soil and offers all the benefits in the above list. Spike aerators are cheaper and are typically pulled behind a riding lawn mower. Even so, spike aerators don’t remove soil from the ground, but instead, they compact it further. It might have some benefit, even though it won’t give the same benefit as a punch-core aerator.

A sensible way to spend less would be to rent the equipment either on your own or on sharing basis with a neighbor who also needs to aerate his lawn. If you wish to cut costs, perform process by yourself or hire a professional who’ll charge you a little fee and can finish the job in a professional manner. Once you are done with the aeration process, it is the great time for you to use fertilizers and overseed your lawn to ensure lush, thick and green growth in no time at all.

Lawn aerators are an absolute must for anybody who would like to have a lush, green and healthy lawn in front of their homes.

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