Install a Heat Pump Water Heater to Save Cash

“There are indeed a limitless ways that you can save utility bills at home. We just have to be open on changes and explore more possibilities so that you’ll get the most of your hard earned money.”


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Do you know what your home’s largest energy hog is? If you guessed that it’s your water heater, you’re correct. There’s a way fix that though, and many homeowners are making the change. It’s by converting from your old conventional water heater to a new hybrid one known as a heat pump water heater. Since it’s a relatively new option, there’s a lot of questions about it, including how it works and the pros and cons of buying one.

Heat Pump Water Heater vs. Conventional Water Heater

The first thing most people ask when they hear about a heat pump water heater is how does it differ from a conventional water heater? Like a conventional water heater, a heat pump water heater still uses electricity but it just does it a little smarter. How so? Instead of using the electricity to directly heat the water through an element that has …