Industrial Style Living Room Design: The Essential Guide

When it comes to interior designs, there is no shortage of styles to choose from.  So if you are into sleek, modern and minimalist style, then the Industrial design is suited for you.

Nothing says effortless cool and easy maintenance than an industrial-style living room. Exposed brick walls greet black and white typographic prints, factory windows meet shaggy rugs, and iron piping encounters roughshod wooden floors to create living spaces that look perfectly thrown together. Unleash your inner bookworm by piling your factory ceilings high with books. Inject prim and proper detailing, comfortable couches and beautiful light fixtures into a space lined in concrete. Light a fire in the middle of your living room, housed in copper and glass. Design your own industrial-style interior, by taking a read through our lounge guide.

(C) 100interiordesign.com

(C) 100interiordesign.com

Make the most of concrete walls, by interspersing them with wood and slate. This many-textured apartment keeps it simple by using only brown, grey, black and green in its colour palette. Camera lights and a wooden runway guide the way in, while longer pendants dangle in the kitchen. A block sofa and wooden-crate coffee table offer a place to relax, while newer crates provide an inbuilt seat opposite. Black, chalkboard-esque textures make the room appear worn and torn, as a projector TV caters to modern needs.

Create a dark and dreamy industrial home decor mood. This high-ceilinged space reverses roles as polished wood lines the ceiling, rough concrete the floor. A soft brown L sofa provides a seat, matching the wooden tones of the bookcase behind. Rows of black shelving add an air of intellectualism, eschewing artwork. Stencilled details in a one-wheel coffee table, rows of lighting and a staircase add finishing touches.

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