How to Start an Apartment Garden

Singapore is a place where most people live in high rise apartments. Only a few have the luxury to grow their plants in an open garden and if anyone wants to have something green at home, they need to grow it inside or perhaps in their balconies. Yet that should not stop you to be one with nature at home as you can still start a small garden in your very own home.


chair surrounded by plants

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How to Start an Apartment Garden

There are probably as many types of apartment gardens as there are apartments. Some people grow herbs on the kitchen windowsill of their apartments while others enjoy growing orchids, African violets, or exotic houseplants. More ambitious gardeners petition their landlords and create rooftop gardens full of plants and quiet spaces high above the city skyline.

While idea of a rooftop garden is enticing, most people must set their sights on something a bit more modest. Here are several types of apartment gardens for the average apartment dweller, and ideas to help you get started.

An Indoor Flower Garden

Create a lovely indoor flower garden in a cozy corner of your apartment. Choose a corner that receives bright, full sun, or purchase spotlights that can be fitted with plant growing lights. Make sure the lights …


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