How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, Floors and More

“No matter how much you love your pet, nobody wants to be covered in pet hair. Pets leave their mark, shedding hair throughout the home. Keep it clean with tips for removing pet hair from floors, furniture and clothes!  Pet fur and the dander that comes with it can be a real nuisance to remove and keep clean. These simple steps will rid your furry friend’s hairy trail and give your fabrics a fresh, clean look.”

If you have cats or dogs (or both!), I hope for your sake you’ve got a leather sofa, because we all know that pet hair clings to stuff tighter than a squirrel with a nut in the dead of winter. Alas, leather furniture is expensive, so most of us are left on our hands and knees, with a roll of tape, going over every inch of each surface, and praying that — JUST THIS ONCE — we get it all. Here are a few tips and alternatives to preserve your sanity.

Static electricity and low humidity make already annoying pet hair that much worse. Mitigate these two factors, and fur will remain more friend than foe…


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