How To Prevent Sewer Backup From Happening

A sewer backup trouble can be disheartening and awful. Getting up one morning to find your basement or bathroom flowed with raw sewage can be quite a bad experience. In addition situations such as this may cause toxic black mold growth, which may be a large health hazard. You should realize what to do if your home encounters a sewage backup, and the way to prevent it.

1) Large Items

The most frequent grounds for residential sewage backups is the flushing of things which are too large to fit the line for instance baby diapers, home litter, sanitary towels and tampons, keys, – and the list can go on. Emergency plumbers salvage from pipelines all sorts of peculiar things that people flush down the toilet like dentures, unwanted jewelry and animal litter. People often push large things to the sewage that causes it to block.

2) Backup Device

A blocked sewer could be a huge dilemma once this isn’t determined at an early stage. Aside from a growing number of costs, this will take time to solve. Digging into the pipe lines would certainly be your last resort because this process can be a bit messy. You wouldn’t like to replace all of your system. Professional plumbing contractors have high end equipment to flush sewer lines without having to change the entire structure.

3) Cooking Oil

You must steer clear of pouring oil along with other grease based items in your drains or toilet. Cooking oil tends to solidify after cooling hence clogging your sewer line. To be on the safe side you need to remove the oil in a heat-safe container.

4) Shrubs and Trees

That is something which can be difficult to deal with, due to the fact roots appear to have a mind of their own. They could actually grow into the pipes, which might cause holes in them and then create blockages. Additionally, it can let the sewage to go into the ground. They even can crush the pipes in some instances. Even when you don’t have trees on your lawn, neighboring tree roots might actually creep beneath the ground and damage the pipes. The best way to avoid having to make such a costly repair is to employ a drain cleaning company to service your sewer system.

5) Other Preventive Measures

There are various ways in which you can prevent sewer backup from happening. A great way is placing wooden or rubber plugs on your drains prior to a heavy rainstorm. If you do not want to go on installing the plugs before every heavy rains, it’s a wise idea that you set up permanent plugs. Again, you need to make certain that plugs are professionally installed.

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