How to Keep Water Vapor From Ruining Your House and Your Health

The level of humidity in your house can affect your health and skin.  Monitoring the level of humidity at home is important. You need to get the appropriate level so that the atmosphere at home is relaxing and comfortable. Here are ways to fix the keep your water vapor from ruining your house and health.

Few things can wreak havoc on indoor air quality quite like moisture. If water vapor is not effectively removed from your house, or a particular room, you risk the formation of mold, condensation and an increase in dust mites. Here’s what you need to know to spot and fix moisture problems.

(C) Sipgreen.org

(C) Sipgreen.org

Where Does Moisture and Water Vapor Come From?

You may be surprised to learn that people are the main culprits when it comes to water vapor and moisture in a home. Despite the sheer volume of environmental water vapor that penetrates the walls of a house, even in a hot and humid climate, it’s far less than the amount of moisture we produce from activities such as breathing, showering and cooking.

A family of four produces about 3 gallons (10 to 14 liters) of water vapor per day, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

And if you think opening a window will do the trick, think again. One thing to keep in mind for hot and humid climates is that cooling by natural ventilation may be counterproductive. It could bring more moisture into the house, which then should be removed through an active dehumidification process. Other strategies, such as shading, could be more effective.

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