How To Keep Floors Looking New When You Have Kids And Pets

As a homeowner who have kids and pets, maintaining the cleanliness of our home is one of the problems we cannot avoid especially when it comes to our flooring. Sometimes our kids and pets love to play around that it’s really stressful to follow their dirt and stains. How can we keep our floors looking shiny and new, just like the day we had it installed?

When I shared the design choices for our new home I saw your virtual eyerolls and head shakes. You couldn’t hide the smirks and knowing smiles. But I did it anyways– we chose dark hardwoods and light colored carpets. What can I say? The heart wants what it wants, and I know dirt shows up on those choices quicker than if I’d selected light hardwoods and dark tan carpets. But in the end, I’m a clean freak who doesn’t want to hide dirt but rather be forced to keep things clean. I’d rather know my enemy than allow it to hide (yes, this is what I tell myself whenever I spot the random dust bunny rolling across the floor.) Honestly though, we’ve been using several easy strategies to keep our floors clean despite our active home with two kiddos and a cat, and so far, it’s working!

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Just don’t drop by unannounced on a Friday afternoon, or else our home looks like mayhem personified (wink!)

We’ve become the house everyone visits after school and on weekends, and I couldn’t love that more. Except maybe when the doorbell rings at 8:30 AM on a Sunday. Regardless, this is the reason we wanted to live in a kid-friendly neighborhood so we need to make our home kid-friendly as well.

We had light carpet in our previous home, and they did not look bad despite the beating they took. The key is to take small steps to keep them clean daily, which means less work in the long run. I’ve teamed up with Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover to share tips we’ve used keep our hardwood floors and carpeting in great shape; here’s lessons I’ve learned about caring for floors over the years!

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