How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils

“Many people try this of their own but this is a risky task that an expert or contractors must only conduct. But if you want to do it on your own in the future, you may start observing while it is being done and get more information so that you can save expenses in the future.”


Clean Air Conditioner Coils Step 1.jpg1. Disconnect power to the air conditioner. Most central air conditioners have a shutoff box outside near the unit itself. You may have to pull out the shutoff box, flip a switch or remove a fuse. If there’s no shutoff box, find the circuit breaker panel that controls the air conditioner and turn off power there.


Clean Air Conditioner Coils Step 2.jpg2. Trim away any plant growth around the air conditioner. Take care that any cuttings from grass, flowers, bushes or weeds don’t get inside the unit. Trim foliage to be at least 2 feet (60 centimeters) away from the unit.