How To Achieve A Healthy Lawn In Every Season

Each person is aware that possessing a pleasant outdoor area could make your whole home and property look far better. Sad to say, lawn care can often be a handful. Just about the most common errors that people make is not putting essential cautionary steps carried out preparing for the four seasons, that might mess up your landscaping throughout the year. Thankfully, if you are kept informed about what has to be done in each season to keep your yard looking nice, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Read on for some season-specific lawn care tips, to maintain your yard looking wonderful all year long.




Spring is favorite among many because the lawn are ready for a brand new season of regenerating and growing new plants and flowers which will make their yards more stunning and appealing. Lawn care experts say that in spring, the best results are achieved using a granular feed that supplies a regular quantity of nutrients over many weeks. When lawn feeding in the spring, make use of a lawn feed straight after cutting. When using a granular lawn feed, you have to put it on evenly over the whole lawn at the encouraged rate using a lawn spreader.


Summer is the time when grass is at its most burdened, as months with no rain can make it dry and fragile. If required, it is possible to fertilize it again within the summer, but only if rainfall is anticipated. If it’s arid, fertilizer will actually burn the yard. You may want to put money into an irrigation system to assist with the frequent watering. Despite the fact that your grass will grow faster, necessitating frequent mowing, do not do so during dry periods. Take time to instead remove pernicious weeds.


Fall is the time for major lawn preparation. Taking care of it in fall ensures that it’s going to survive the low temperatures of winter. One of your main tasks will likely be bringing up fallen leaves and composting them. You’ll also need to fertilize again this year, though feeds high in potassium to strengthen your grass for winter. You should aerate the lawn and use top-dressing too. You can also lay sod and sow seed prior to it gets freezing. You’ll want to get this done before the start of winter.


There isn’t any bunch to do in terms of lawn care over the winter, as the grass is dormant. Our recommendation is always to avoid walking on the lawn during especially frosty periods because you can kill the grass by doing so. Furthermore, be sure to remove any residual leaves from fall.

Even though lawn care and looking after your outdoor areas are not always fun, they’re worth it when you see how nice your home looks. Going for a few extra mile to tend to your yard can really help your property look its best.

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