Guide to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Finish for Your Home

(C) L'Effroyable Imposture

(C) L’Effroyable Imposture


Determining the best exterior paint finish will entail considering the type of material used on the outside of your house, as well as paying attention to what your contractor recommends. So far as the color of paint is concerned, that’s going to be a matter of personal preference, even though home improvement experts do recommend paying special awareness of the architecture of the home when you make your ultimate decision.

Textured finish: Textured paints are very well-liked selections for exterior paints. Exterior walls have to be rough and sturdy to bear the heat, wind and the dust which changing seasons come with. Making use of textured finish paints provide a thicker coating to the walls and make them appear stronger. Working with various brushes will help you obtain desired textures which range from marble finish to concrete and a lot more. No matter what paint hue you choose from the color chart, you may make your exteriors appear stunning with your finish paints.

Flat finish: Furthermore known as matte finish, this won’t provide any sheen when the paint has dried. The beauty of a matte finish, compared with other paint finishes, lies in its bare simplicity. Because it won’t reflect light, but rather absorbs light, it is perfect in camouflaging wall imperfections just like cracks and small bumps. It works as a excellent option for painting ceilings as well as use in low-traffic areas. As they do not wash well, it is not great for kid’s rooms, baths and kitchens. And even with the washable types advertised today, touching up scratches and marks can still need a bit of paint.

Gloss finish: When making exterior paint choice you can think about gloss finish paints too. These paints have high sheen in them which is really appropriate for painting surfaces like window panes, door handles etc. If you wish to highlight a certain area within your wall, gloss finish will totally do justice to it. It is possible to browse through the many hues available with the help of a colour chart and create your own personal combination for exterior wall painting.

Satin finish: Satin finish exterior paint is a bit glossy but not too shiny either. If you would like provide a subtle yet classy appearance to your home exteriors you can look at utilizing these paints. The good thing of this finish is it fits wooden surfaces well, which means you need not bother about painting the doors and windows with other paint finish. It is easy to maintain and keep clean walls painted with satin finished paints.

There are many options in exterior paint finishes be sure to choose the right one.


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