Great Bedroom Storage Starts With The Bed – Why I Love Storage Beds…

Having a bed with built-in storage is probably a smart way to save space in your bedroom.  If you have lots of clothes and other items that you need to store within your bedroom then this type of bed would really suit you.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Most of us would say that we don’t have enough storage in our homes. This is why getting organised and decluttering is so hard. One of the hardest working rooms in your home can be the bedrooms, with clothes and personal items to store it can get crowded and feel less than relaxing very quickly.

I love it when I truly find a solution to help with this struggle – and that is using storage beds. I’d love to share this with you today, in the hope that you may want to join me in making all beds work hard for their spot in the room!

Bedrooms are fundamentally where we sleep, where we wake up to face the day – and where we go to get peace and quiet. As such we want them to reflect as much calm and serenity as possible.

The other side to a bedroom though is the amount of stuff it needs to house – from clothing and personal items, to jewellery, accessories and all manner of other items (books, magazines etc…).

We can’t really get away with how much we need to store (even with a good declutter it still amounts to quite a bit), but this can really affect trying to feel relaxed and calm in the space as well.

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