Gardening in Singapore: House plants that clean the air

No matter how small or big your space is, you need a plant not just to beautify your home but also to improve the air quality of your surroundings. Not all plants can grow in Singapore so you better the choose the right plans properly as you don’t want your efforts to go futile.



Areca palm

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1. Areca Palm

Fast-growing, palms thrive indoors in semi-sunny conditions. Keep the root ball damp and mist the leaves regularly. The areca is among the highest-rated plants for removing indoor toxins.
Also try: Lady palm, bamboo palm and dwarf date palm



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2. Dracaena Corn Plant

These hardy plants like moderate watering and semi-shade. The Massangeana is popular for its variegated green-yellow foliage. Removes chemical vapours such as formaldehyde.
Also try: Dracaena “Janet Craig” and Dracaena “Warneckei”


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