Garden stools – designs and ideas for your outdoor furniture

Having as styling and multi-purpose garden stool is a must have in any garden. Though there are some who would just settle on benches, it is also recommended to have at least a good stool that you can carry around on any part of your beautiful garden.



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Garden stools are rarely considered as an important element of outdoor furniture. However, they can be not only useful as a furniture piece but add to the overall design and look of the garden. The main advantage of garden stools is that they can be easily moved and arranged as per your need. Due to their compactness, they are perfect for rooftop balconies or small balconies in a city apartment.

 Garden stools – materials and properties

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Like any other outdoor furniture, garden stools are usually made of a specially treated wood, metal, cast iron, concrete, ceramic, plastic and various synthetic fibers. It is important that materials are resistant to various weather conditions, changing …


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