Garden Gates – How To Choose The Right One For Your Home?

Beautiful and durable garden gates are what every garden-proud green-fingered person is in much need of. If you stick with the most popular options for materials and styles, you’ll be able to install one in no time. Here are a few of the things you should look out for to ensure you choose the right gate that fit your garden.

Garden gates are the entrance to your property. They can be large or small, tall or short, artistic, original, spectacular, modern, romantic, rustic – as you can see, the options are, practically, limitless. We shall look at different types of gates and will see their main characteristics, the requirements that they need to meet as well as the most popular material choices.

Garden gates – functions and characteristics

(C) Scottsdale Art Factory

(C) Scottsdale Art Factory

The main functions of garden gates are to ensure the security and very often, the privacy of a property. The structure must be stable. In contrast to interior doors, in most cases garden openings have no frames. On both sides of the garden door are arranged columns or pillars made of wood, concrete, bricks, stone, etc., which mark the opening in the fence. Sometimes you can use a U-shaped structure or frame to which the door is attached or it can be attached directly to the fence or garden wall with hinges.

When choosing a model for your home you need to keep some considerations in mind. Think of the height of the gate as its dimensions need to be relevant to the fence. For example – a huge gate will look out of place when installed on a picket fence. An important condition for the reliability and durability of the gate is the strength of the pillars. They must withstand the weight of the garden fence, wind and other elements. The aesthetic appearance and compliance with the landscape design of the garden and the house style is another important consideration. The maintenance requirements also should be considered. Some materials (wood) require regular care – repainting, sealing, etc., while other materials like wrought iron are not that demanding. The cost, of course, is a main factor determining the choice of material, design, etc. It is not a good idea to buy the cheapest garden gates but when you are on a budget, it does not make sense to opt for the highest price models. A qualified specialist in landscape design will help you decide on the best option.

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