Family Wellness

“There’s no better time to kick off a family wellness regimen than the new year. Often it’s the small steps that bring about big changes, especially when it comes to improving your health and wellness.”

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Our society has become very concerned with the idea of wellness. A simple search on the Internet yields a plethora of websites dedicated to improving our wellness (including one for our pets!). But what is wellness? Dr. Bill Hettler, of the National Wellness Institute, defined six components to wellness: physical, intellectual, occupational, social, emotional, and spiritual.1 These six dimensions are areas in which we can exert some control over our lives by modifying our behaviors.

  • Physical : diet, exercise, medical care
  • Intellectual: problem solving, creativity, learning
  • Occupational: personal satisfaction, achievement, ambition
  • Social: personal relationships, community, connection with nature
  • Emotional: awareness and acceptance of feelings, trust, respect
  • Spiritual: meaning and purpose, beliefs, values

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