Easy & Inexpensive Saggy Couch Solutions {DIY Couch Makeover}

Over time, the foam of couch cushions loses its springiness and collapses under even minimal weight. So in the end, it becomes uncomfortable and embarrassing for guests to sit on it. Sofa sets are one of the most expensive furniture that you can have and so you don’t want to buy another one if it’s loses its integrity. Well, let’s try some tricks in keeping these cushions back in shape.


Take That Old, Worn Out Sofa & Make It Look New Again (An EASY step-by-step tutorial)

Does your couch look like this?!

If so, have no fear, I’ve got some easy & inexpensive saggy couch solutions for you!

I actually got this idea from my friend Susan at Living Rich On Less.  She gave her couch a makeover almost a year ago, and ever since she did, I added it to my list of things to do!

The first thing I did for this makeover was wash all of our couch cushion & throw pillow covers!  This was pretty easy to do since all of our cushion covers have zippers on them. However, despite this fact, I had never thrown them in the washing machine before…..

I know, gross, right?!

Let me just tell you, I had NO IDEA how filthy those things were until I washed them!  It was unbelievable!   

I washed all of the cushion & throw pillow covers in our washing machine on a regular wash cycle. The throw pillow covers were thrown in the dryer, but …


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