Different Types of Cooking Pans

Preparing food is enjoyable and fun especially if you can cook the easiest way. It is therefore important to have the right kitchenware and cookware to make your cooking encounter easier and comfortable. Lots of people don’t realize they are using the inappropriate kind of cooking pans when they are creating meals for themselves and their families. By understanding the purpose of the primary kinds of cooking pan it will be easier to accomplish your cooking goals far more easily.


•    Saucepan and sauce pots are round pots that branch out into a lot of varieties. Key identifying points of this category are high, straight sides and a flat bottom. Saucepans have many applications, from heating a can of soup to cooking a sauce, with an endless quantity of foods somewhere between. They’re suitable for preparing broth, sauces, boiling pastas, grains and rice but only for moderate volumes.

•    A Skillet or also called frying pan has got a flat bottom and short flared or sloped sides, allowing for ease in tossing and turning food. A skillet should be made from heat-responsive, heavyweight material similar to cast iron. From the name itself, it truly is great for frying or browning of foods. In addition, frying pans that were layered with a nonstick substance like Teflon can be used for frying foods or for sautéing.

•    Sauté Pans have a wide, flat base and low sides, making them ideal for cooking for at a high heat for a short moment of time. Chicken, fish, vegetables and meat are just some of the ingredients which can be sautéed, and such method uses less oil than pan frying.

•    A Wok is an Asian cooking vessel which has deep, curved sides and a flat or rounded base. Stir-frying is considered the most common use, and a lot easier in a wok than the usual skillet as the heat is distributed more evenly and there isn’t any ‘hot spot’. The deep sides furthermore mean the food won’t quickly fallout when turned over. Other functions of a wok include deep frying, stewing, steaming and boiling.

What is The Best Material for Pans?

There are various views regarding what materials are suitable for cooking pans, yet stainless steel often comes recommended. As well as providing a professional look, stainless steel pans are really easy to maintain and clean, deliver excellent levels of stability and provide full-pan heat distribution as opposed to ‘hot spots’.