How to Take Care of Bermuda Grass

There are a handful of popular warm season grasses available on the market to choose from which individuals decide on. One of the best warm season grasses is Bermuda grass due to the fact it is incredibly attractive and simple to care for. Should you use Bermuda grass then you could be assured that it is going to entirely transform your lawn into a perfect landscape that might be great to walk on – even with bare feet.”

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One plant that belongs to the Cynodon family is Bermuda grass. It’s a very superior type of grass, and very well-known to several home owners. It is drought resistant in comparison to other grasses. It will stand the full heat of the sun. It grows in any kind of soil. It doesn’t call for much maintenance. Truth is, Bermuda grass is beatifying, utilized often in golf course, baseball and football fields, in parks as well as other recreational places. They’re very suitable in these said places as they simply grow and require minimal care.

Understanding Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass comes from the savannahs of Africa, however it is becoming a popular selection for residents of the United States and it is a very common used grass for lawns for a lot of residents. It is simpler to care for Bermuda grass compared to what you may have initially thought that’s excellent news if you are looking at buying it. You need to apply a small process of fertilization, coupled with watering and mowing it regularly and you’ll generally see a beautifully nurtured lawn.

When it comes to Bermuda grass, fertilization has to be always on the priority list. Because fertilization is really essential, it’s always better to go for professional services instead of trying to do it yourself. You know that you are doing this if the Bermuda knits itself in a turf that is strong enough to resist weeding. The PH neutralizing fertilizers are best for Bermuda grass. This leads to nice healthy and greener grass.

Just like any plant or grass, Bermuda also needs to be watered to be able to maintain its green color. Although it has high tolerant to drought, it still requires some scheduled watering especially during dry season. During rainy season, there’s no need to water the grass since rainfall is sufficient enough. However, do not over water because this will cause the build up of fungus and attracts insects. For big areas like golf courses and sports field, a professional groundskeeper usually maintains the watering.

Mowing is one thing which is one of the biggest steps in lawn care and you should do this regularly. However, this could be a bit time consuming, thus in the event you do not have the time or the patience, you may want to hire the services of a professional lawn care contractor to do it for you.

While cutting Bermuda grass, always undertake it with a blade that’s been sharpened. For great looking grass, mow your lawn twice a year. This means that even though you have a brand new blade for the summer mowing, you need to get a different one for mowing in the spring time for maximum effectiveness.

So in case you are considering making use of Bermuda grass for your lawn then you’ll notice some good advantages. Nevertheless, always make sure that you use the right care strategies to make sure that you maintain the look.


Five Garden & Landscaping Tools

Just by understanding the most general equipment used in fundamental landscaping needs, you may ensure you have everything that you must have for you to keep the lawn and garden in the best possible condition. Seeing your landscape showing its beauty offers you the joy as well as improvement to your property.”

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For a person to save a significant amount on sustaining his / her landscape, they ought to make certain that they have got the right tools and equipment. Even though there truly are different landscaping tools that a person will require determined upon the plants in the landscape, you should have the basics. For a lot of kinds of gardening and landscaping there are specific tools necessary. Getting the right tools is essential for any landscaper.


A spade is used for digging and then a flat shovel can be used for making greater spaces or getting rid of dirt. You can find a fairly variety in the various shovels, including different sizes and shapes. Handles differ in lengths at the same time. If you’re planning to put it to use for digging in a smaller area, then you will need a shorter handle length. If you use it primarily for moving dirt, then you’ll need a longer handle.


When you have a huge area or extensive lawn then a wheelbarrow could save you time and effort and back pain. Wheelbarrows are the answer to transfer leaves, stones, soil along with other yard waste you want to clear out. Wheelbarrows comes in convenient when you least expect it and could be easily stored when not being used. You might not want it all the time but when you do, you will be glad it’s in your landscaping tool collection.


A rake is the greatest tool for getting dead leaves, grass cuttings, pine needles and various lawn debris. Rakes will be the most eco-friendly tools, as they definitely don’t utilize gas like leaf blowers and are also very quiet. Apart from gathering leaves, rakes enable you to spread straw and mulch on huge beds. It is really an vital tool for your lawn and your flower, vegetable or fruit beds.


To maintain your lawn looking its best you’ve got to trim or prune your shrubs, lawn and also other plants. Trimming is very important for certain crops to develop and trimming will help keep unruly plants from growing everywhere. There are plenty of kinds of pruners with small, portable pruners being the most in-demand. You can also get pruners that will handle larger shrubs and small branches; these have much longer blades than a handheld pruner. Shears and saws can certainly be handy for those who have lots of large trees and shrubs in the garden.

Watering Can

Often lawn hoses just can’t make it to the spot you must water and that’s exactly when the watering can turns out to be useful. Based on your garden you may not use a hose but will use a watering can to perform all of your watering. When you have container plants or newly grown seeds then a watering can is essential. The watering could delicately waters plants and won’t wash away any newly planted seeds.

These are only the top five basic landscaping equipment you should have for your backyard. As you become more specialized you’ll be obtaining more specific tools as you need them.


How to Mow Your Lawn

“Mowing is an effective way to promote growth and keep your lawn looking great. It’s important, though, to make sure you’re mowing properly, as it can either help or hurt your lawn depending on how it is done. When done properly, mowing supports green, healthy grass, and reduces weeds and bare spots. With a bit of practice, you can even mow eye-pleasing patterns into your lawn!”

You may not be looking for a perfectly manicured front yard, but keeping a tidy lawn isn't difficult.

Some people fantasize about the perfect lawn. They dream about push mowers, perk up at the smell of fresh-cut grass and tune into The Golf Channel just to see the landscaping. But perhaps you don’t live for yard work. Maybe you’re a new homeowner staring out the window at a front-yard jungle. The time has certainly come to mow the lawn. How exactly do you pull that off?


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How to Choose the Right Lawnmower

“Having the right lawn mower can make the job so much easier. There are an abundance of lawn mower brands and models available for purchase these days, and with so much choice crossing over in prices from the very cheap to the very expensive, it can sometimes be a difficult decision to choose the right mower for our needs and budgets.”

When those weeds get waist-high, there's no denying it: You need to get a lawn mower.

If you rent your home, chances are yard care is the responsibility of your landlord or property manager. But if you own your home, you don’t have it so easy.

Whether you have sprawling acres of lawn or a patch of grass, you have two options when it comes to caring for your lawn and garden: Hire help, or do it yourself. If you opt for the latter, choosing the right lawn mower will be important (unless you happen to have a generous neighbor who lets you borrow hers). We have a lot more to say about choosing the right lawn mower, but first, here are a few tips for those of you who fall outside the DIY party…


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How to Fertilize Your Lawn

“Fertilize your lawn properly, and you’ll be on your way to a healthy, dense stand of turf that maintains a deep green color and gives weeds a run for their money. Nitrogen is every lawn’s most important ingredient, and each type of grass demands different amounts to display peak growth and performance. Read along, avoid these blunders and you’ll be thrilled with your lawn and get the most for your buck.”

grass fertilizer

Fertilize your lawn the right way or your grass will be more susceptible to disease than it would be if you don’t do anything. Here’s how to save money, get greener grass and fewer weeds by avoiding the top four fertilizing mistakes.

Common fertilizing mistakes

When you’re fertilizing your lawn, mistakes are easy to make. I know, because I’ve been in the grass business for a very long time. And I can tell you that professional turf managers and homeowners tend to make the same four mistakes when they feed their grass…


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8 Landscaping Tricks That Can Save You Money

It is important to have an understanding of size and scale when you’re landscaping your yard. Understanding how certain things will look in your yard will help to make it actually look good.

Whether you are hoping to sell your home, or it’s summer and you just want an excuse to be outdoors and dig in the dirt, sprucing up your landscaping can be a wise investment. Research has found that sophisticated landscaping with large plants can increase a home’s value by as much as 12.7%.

But what are your options if you are trying to make every dollar stretch as far as possible? There are ways to make your yard look more inviting on a budget.

(C) Butler Trieu, Inc

(C) Butler Trieu, Inc

1. Mulch — for free

Mulch can freshen up a flowerbed and save you time and money (less weeding and watering). Save by snagging free mulch. Some communities offer curbside pickup of lawn waste, which is then turned into mulch that’s yours for the asking. “If you simply bring a utility bill (to prove you live within city limits) to the distribution center, you can get free mulch by the truckload,” explains Cherie Lowe, blogger and author of “Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After.“Check with your local government to see if there is a program available in your area.

While you are at it, consider composting your food waste. Not only will you send fewer food scraps to the landfill, your plants will love you for it.


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Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

Landscaping ideas from the fundamental of landscape architecture. Landscape designers are requested by clients who have the property and budget to try out unique design concepts and build landscapes that go with their residence and status. In landscape designing, landscape designer follows certain regulations when doing it.

A. Landscaping Tips for Plants
Choice of plants are by far the most essential in landscaping. It must be taken with much thoughts because plants have different behavior in different climate conditions. It should go well with environmental situation of your area.landscaping ideas

B. Landscaping Tips for Rocks
Additional eye-catching feature in landscape are the rocks. They give much more attention-grabbing structure and beauty along with protection to little plants.

C. Landscaping Tips for Contractors
Amazing landscape also demands an equally amazing landscaper. They must have the knowledge and experience on such task and must be familiar with the various conditions in your place such as type of soil, climate, etc.

D. Energy Efficient Landscaping ideas
Most professionals have confirmed that efficient landscaping which takes into consideration energy needs, could save more than 30% of the regular heat or cooling costs.

E. Environment Friendly Landscaping ideas
It is recommended to make use of the view of the sky or big trees as the background for that landscape and to structure your house.

F. Fire Resistant design for Landscaping ideas
You have to plan a more fire resistant landscape in your house. The landscape designer must be aware of what sort of plants to utilize, the zoning and paths that will reduce the fire hazard.

G. Habitat Restoration and Landscaping
Maintaining native biodiversity across diverse landscapes is significant to the ongoing stability and management of our environment.

H. Landscape Design
The landscaping should be mutually agreed by the landscaper and the owner. It must not be just beautiful but is likewise helpful to everyone.

I. Landscaping Plans
Landscaping is an art. You have to invest your time, effort and funds on this. So this must planned out well and done right in order to have great masterpiece.

J. Landscaping Maintenance
Maintenance must be accomplished frequently to keep the landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive.



Choosing a Bird Bath – Options

Bird baths are pretty and useful decorations to have in your garden. They’re not only beautiful but birds will love their reliable and much needed source of water all year-round. A bird bath might make your garden appear very inviting and will add to a comfy atmosphere. Placing one close to your home will assist you to enjoy the several sounds the birds provide however too close and the birds may be disturbed too often to fully enjoy it.

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(C) Pinterest

If you are not  interested to buy a bird bath you may just use a large bowl or upturned dustbin put on the ground. Stick it somewhere where it will not be will disturbed and it will draw in several birds although will be most widely used with larger species and you’ll find smaller birds avoid using it.

The most famous bath for sale is a pedestal bath. It will be possible to get them in most garden centers or online stores. This consists of a bowl or basin that sits on a column and is held on a base. Pedestal baths is going to entice most types of birds and are available in several designs so you’ll be able to find a pedestal bird bath that matches the style of your garden easily. Take care that it is not too bulky for your garden; some can be very ornate or ornamental and may look odd.

If backyard space has limitations, or someone resides in an apartment or condo, a free-standing bird bath is probably not a sensible option. As a result, a deck mounted bath may be a wise decision for that particular bird watcher.

The answer for freezing in frigid weather is a heater. You could have a heated bird bath or use a heater. You may get heated mat that lies on the bottom of the water. The mat won’t harm the birds. There are several types of that have heaters in them already. The cord will be able to be wrapped up for the summer months, out of sight.

Solar panels in the bath can certainly heat the water plus they may also pump fountains. As moving water is quite popular with birds a bird bath with a fountain is a well-liked choice and also by picking a solar bath you’ll be kind to the environment. You can get solar baths that are fitted with the panels integrated in the bath and that means you have to place the bath in sunlight or you can get solar baths that have separate panels. As long as they are placed n the sun then you can position the bath wherever you want.

No matter what kind of bird bath you select ensure that it stays topped up with fresh water all year long and you’ll be rewarded with the sight of birds flocking to drink and bathe.



The 3 Common Decorative Stones That You Can Use for Garden Landscaping

A beautiful garden outdoors adds so much enjoyment to a home life. You can relax walking leisurely on a soft path, smell the gentle and heady fragrances of flowers, see a thousands of various shades of green colors of the leaves, or hear the peaceful sound of a fountain, or watch various birds. And definitely you could beautify it with landscaping rocks, that bring art into a tranquil nature setting.

A decorative element for gardens in which many landscapers take advantage of is decorative stones. Stones vary in size and shape and could be built to use in several ways with regards to the type of garden you’ve got and the amenities it may accommodate. Besides stones, several landscapers highly recommend the usage of large or mid-sized rocks which will make an excellent piece of garden decoration. Decorating your garden is a task that you would like to do it yourself but if you require a guide to the sort of pebbles and stones you may use for your garden, here is some needed help.

• River pebbles – River pebbles are suitable and perhaps the best option for use in drier areas given that they aid in water conservation. These stones are utilized as a decorative balance to the plants also. They differ from gravel by appearing more sophisticated, stylish and elegant in a way. Pebbles are enjoyable to touch and pleasant to see. They stuff small and large areas quickly and with ease, and they are available in numerous size, shape and colour.

• Gravel – Gravel is found naturally is the riverbeds. Because of the heavy flow of the river water the gravel stones get a lot of friction on their outer surfaces and because of this become round and smooth in shape. Such naturally occurring gravel is a superb construction material with little treatment. However such kind on gravel is also found in landscaping in several forms. Among its most frequent use is in base material for putting landscaping pavers for walkways.

• Boulders – These are large and diversely shaped rocks which cannot be utilized on around flower beds or the lawn due to its large size. Even though it is huge, it has a decorative element in it and thus, could be used to line the area if you have put a water fountain in your garden. It shows special attractions in your garden and thus contributing to an aesthetical feeling.


Outdoor Fountains For Your Landscaping Needs

Outdoor fountains fit into any style garden. A fountain packs a lot of charm in to a small landscaping space. Whether traditional or contemporary, it propels a stream of water through the air and helps to create a cooling effect. It’s ideal for up-close viewing, which explains why fountains are generally located on a porch, patio, or other sitting area.

To begin with, you must determine where you desire to position the fountain. A few fountains look good in the corner whilst other fountains look much better as a focus of the whole garden. Keep in mind there will be water lines which will run underground to the water fountain so that you can get it to work efficiently. The location additionally requires a flat, level part of your backyard or lawn. In addition it must have enough room for the concrete pad that it’s placed on. Then you’ll need to establish style, supplies and color of the fountain. You need to to determine the volume of spouts, the size of the water fountain and the general design visual. When you select a modern-style water fountain it includes curved edges and soft outlines, while a traditional one has curlicues and ridges.

Finding the right material

Know what material it’ll be made from. Most use stone fountains. There are concrete ones which are already molded to make the usual fountains that we see. There may be those that are made with natural stones. These are generally fountains that are for Zen gardens that are looking to achieve the natural atmosphere. The rocks also include appeal to the fountain.

A lot of people pick natural materials for their fountains so they blend well using the natural surrounding environment. Wood and bamboo are perfect for oriental or simple designs. For more lavish fountains, granite, marble and concrete may be used. These materials are incredibly heavy therefore they are better served by being used in floor fountains. Cast stone fountains appear like real stone but are lighter and extremely durable. They can be molded in to just about any design which provides you a lot of choices for your patio.

In choosing a wall fountain, think about fiberglass since it is lightweight, which means there will be less stress put into the wall. Ceramic and terra cotta fountains look wonderful in cascade designs and wall displays for simple, earthy atmosphere. They are usually glazed to protect against scratches but are not as sturdy as cast stone or granite and will break.

Electric or Solar-powered

Lots of bigger fountains must be pre-wired underground. Additionally, they may need filters and liners if they are part of a pond. As an eco-friendly alternative, solar fountains usually don’t require much maintenance. The most important thing to take into account with a solar fountain is that should be placed somewhere where it will get a lot of sunlight.

It is easy to observe that when dealing with outdoor fountains, the options are endless. You’ll find fountains readily available for every situation, every available space and then any outdoor decor. The rest can be up to you..