When to Buy a New Mattress

How often do you buy a mattress? Most people don’t buy a new mattress nearly enough and as it wears out over time it can really affect our sleeping pattern. A bad night’s sleep can equal a bad morning.

When you get a new mattress, you’re making a serious commitment and investment. Mattresses don’t usually come with a lifetime guarantee, but they last just long enough for us to forget when we need a new one. Here are guidelines on how to figure out when you need to get a new mattress.



How Long Does a Mattress Last

A mattress can last up to ten years if you care for it properly. This means regularly flipping your mattress or, if you have a single-sided mattress, regularly rotating it from end to end. A lot of people don’t rotate or flip their mattresses enough, leaving them at an acceptable quality for only between five and seven years.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, it might be time to start looking for a new mattress. According to a study out of the University of Oklahoma, a new mattress can improve sleep quality by 62%. How much we need sleep is often underestimated. Physical effects of sleeplessness can begin after 24 hours. Whether you’ve had your mattress for two years or ten years, if you’re not sleeping well, consider replacing it.

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10 Great Ideas For Homework Stations and Back to School Organization

Are you always searching for last minute items like homework & school supplies? Although most of us are enjoying a relaxing summer break – the new school year is just around the corner. How can you help your kids to stay organized during the school year?

I’m currently in need of some great ideas for homework stations and back to school organization! In our previous home, I had a handle on paper clutter, office and craft supply organization, and homework stations. But in this home I’m starting from scratch and it’s proving to be a challenge! If you’re in a new space, or just need some fresh homework station ideas, I’ve got you covered! These simple back to school organization ideas bring both beauty and function. To find out more about any of the projects listed below, click on the blue/gray links to be taken to the original post.


Vertical storage is always a good idea for a homework station! These wall-mounted pouches are beautiful and function and can be found linked on her site.




This cart is so handy for rolling from room to room, and from in and out of a closet. Information on the Ikea cart and the cute DIY container instructions are all provided in the post.


What a tidy and relaxing space! On the desk you’ll see the long box that houses all of the writing supplies which is handy and beautiful! Click over to see more pics of this organized and pretty space.

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Pet-Friendly Basement Inspires

No matter what room of the home you are choosing interior design materials for, it can be a tough choice to find the right materials that are pet friendly. Check out how these two transformed their basement into a pet friendly den.

For Josh Landers and Josh Williams, 2011 was a big year. They started it off by welcoming a puppy into their lives, a Jack Russell terrier named Bentley. Next, Williams, a property manager and part-time landscape designer, left his job of three years to join a new company. Months later, Landers graduated from law school and immediately started work as an attorney.

(C) Snoozer Pet Products

(C) Snoozer Pet Products

“Our lives went from being gone all the time and never seeing each other to having the flexibility to work from home, actually spend time together and own a dog — something we’d talked about for years,” says Williams. “Unfortunately, we didn’t really have a plan for how we’d make room for all of this.”

With three life changes converging at once, the duo decided it was time to reorient the 10-by-11-foot basement of their 1980s Atlanta townhouse as a workspace and dog-friendly den, as well as outfit the adjoining covered porch area as a playspace and dog run for Bentley.

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A Go Green Renovation

Maybe you have noticed the fact that reports, researches and further studies highlight the actual situation of our environment? Are you aware that the fact everything we all do every day has got an effect on the planet — bad or good? It can be imagined that some individuals today continue to be ignorant of the simple fact the environment is gradually worsening because of the mankind.

Now it’s the time to embrace your new part in transforming and making the world a better place to live in. Start it by sticking with the go green lifestyle that’s effectively proven to cut down our carbon footprint (Greenhouse gas emissions). Should you be still unaware of it, you could check other online websites to review on it further.



You will discover three areas of your life that contributet o the 75% of environmental deterioration. According to experts, they are listed here in order of priority:

• The food we eat
• Mode of travel
• Energy and water consumptions at home and outdoors

Our contribution to the planet preservation would not just stop on planting trees or participating in organizations, it actually starts in the home. Annually, 20% of the carbon footprints has come from home activities including cooking food, cooling and heating and usage of electrical appliances and gadgets. Purchasing of foodstuff and goods is more compelling than the harm done by our transport and home energy use significantly.

Buy local products. The main reason for it is that research has revealed that chemical farming makes use of significantly more energy per unit of production than organic farms, which do not utilize these chemical inputs. Producing and moving these chemicals uses considerable amount of energy and generates greenhouse gases.

We’re seeing and hearing ever more with regards to the effect that our shopping habits are having on the earth. Make a list of your acquisitions for the week of for a month to ensure you will not be going frequently to the stores and buy products that are not processed. This way of shopping is better both for humans and the environment.

If you want healthy life, you have to eat vegetables and fruit and take control of your meat intake. In environmental aspect, it will help the food footprint of every individual considering that according to studies almost 20% of the gas emissions are connected meat consumption. Hence, make an attempt to give up meat once or twice in a week.

Going green isn’t just beneficial to the environment; it is also beneficial for you. Sustainable way of life enhances a resident’s overall quality of life by improving air and water quality and reducing carbon footprint. If we desire our future generations to savor the similar standard of living we’ve experienced today, we need to do something and begin making a change. If all will take part on it, only then we can have a better place to share with our future generation.



Pet Bags, Design Ideas for Traveling with Dogs

There are many types of pet bag choices available to help keep your pet comfortable and stylish when you are on the go. Whether you are looking for something that is functional, fashionable, or both, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Pet bags allow owners to travel with their pets in style. Knitted or made with fabric pet bags with sticking out dogs heads can be seen anywhere today. Modern pet bags are convenient and practical items for all who enjoy taking their pet to parks and downtown. These items come in all shapes and sizes, can be made at home with fabrics or knitted. Lushome shares a collection of design ideas for pet bags that are inspiring and modern.



Dogs make wonderful travel companions, and they like to stay with their owners. Pet bags are wonderful inventions, ideal for little dogs, allowing to carry them everywhere you go. Dogs can rest when they get tired. Pet bags keep small dogs save and warm. they are comfortable and stylish.

Pet bags are a comfortable and convenient way of carrying little dogs around, especially old dogs with arthritis or other medical conditions preventing dogs from walking. Pet bags give owners some freedom and keep hands free to open doors, drink, read and pay. It is easy to make a simple pet bag while recycling an old backpack or a large purse.

Design ideas for pet bags

Pet bags, knitted or made with fabric and dog carriers are not only beneficial but they are practical and attractive. Pet bags are made in different styles, colors and sizes to suit any taste and lifestyle.

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Aging in Place: How to Design a House That Will Fit Your Needs in the Future

Investing in a retirement home is truly a wonderful way to spend your hard-earned money. Your main priority is going to be finding a suitable place that offers an environment to enjoy their later years, but also an environment that can offer them enough care and support.

As the nation’s population ages, accessibility has become an important goal for many new-home buyers seeking to ensure that their homes will continue to fit their needs — or those of aging loved ones — in the future.

Homeowners who plan on aging in place — remain in the home of their choice for as long as they’re able — should incorporate the principles of universal design into the home. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) defines universal design as “the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.”

(C) Senior Community Services

(C) Senior Community Services

Plan for Future Needs

Karen Smith is an occupational therapist who holds the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation from the NAHB. When Smith purchased a new home about a year ago, she decided it was time to start to age in place herself.

Smith purchased a 2,000-square-foot home in Dagsboro, Del., from Ryan Homes. The house has two stories, but the 61-year-old Smith uses the upstairs bedroom and bath for her home office, preferring to have her office space separated from the main living quarters of her home. “I thought the upstairs could become a caretaker’s quarters if that possibility happened,” she says. “Or for family members who come to visit who are able-bodied.”

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Choose the Best Potty Chair for Your Child

The quest for an ideal potty chair must start as soon as the child has begun to show a desire for the potty training process. You should shop early, since there are a huge quantity of potty chairs on the market these days. There are many essential items that each parent must buy, but a potty chair is probably the most critical of those purchases. It is important for parents to find the right potty chair, and the right chair may make the entire process of potty training a lot easier and far less of a hassle.

(C) Target

(C) Target

We start with the basic potty chairs. They’re low budget but will often be what he will only need. They are usually made of molded plastic and so are intended to be dumped to the toilet. This is rinsed after use. Since these are low priced, it’s easy to obtain several potty seat. By having multiple seats, you’ve got them readily available in various areas of the house. You can find these to be available in numerous colors. Additionally, there are the extravagant and high-end potty seat models. Some are similar to the basic chairs however with your child’s favorite cartoon characters. A few have fancier designs. Others have incorporated a fantastic reward system such those who change colors with successful use.

Potty seats could have a safety issue attached to them. You will need to provide a step stool of some kind for your child to ascend onto the training seat safely. Some children love this, but some toddlers intensely dislike this part of utilizing a toilet seat; in fact, they’re downright scared.

If your little one is a huge fan of a particular character like Dora The Explorer (TM) or Elmo (TM), you may want to buy a potty chair with a sticker of her favorite. Of course you can also embellish any basic potty with a few stickers. This will make it a lot easier to persuade a stubborn kid to give potty training a try. Just tell her Dora send the chair and said it was time to get out of diapers.

When you have a few days or even weeks to choose a potty chair, look around. You’ll find some good sales on potty chairs both at your local department and discount stores and of course online. Shopping around can create a huge difference if you (or your child) have your heart focused on a more expensive model.

Once again, be very consistent and patient. Very soon, you are well on track to become a parent of a diaper-free child.



Why I Don’t Curse in Front of My Kids

Kids don’t get stressed out because their parents disagree but they do get stressed out when the intensity, frequency and nastiness of the disagreements are severe. But as much as you can, don’t show your kids that you are so cursing because it might cause a negative effect on him/her.

Constance Hall, an Australian mom blogger, has gotten a lot of attention and a lot of likes (over 28,000) for a viral post she wrote about cursing in front of her kids. If you read the entire post, it’s actually less about cursing than about teaching your kids to be respectful and kind to each other, and, hey, who doesn’t agree with that? But some of the conversations her post has generated seem to play into the idea that to be a really cool mom, you have to pepper your everyday speech with every version of the F word you can think of.

Then I guess I’m the least cool mom on the planet.

Oh sure, I’ve let out the occasional, “Oh, sh##” when I’ve stubbed my toe tripping over a wayward backpack (to much gasping and giggling from my kids), but I have never intentionally used a curse word in front of them. I believe words are incredibly powerful and uniquely hurtful, and I believe it’s a very slippery slope between using the F word as an adjective (“I’m so f***ing mad about that mess you made the kitchen”) to using it as a weapon (“F**k you!”).

One non-negotiable rule we have in our home is that everyone must speak respectfully to each other. The result is, my kids may bicker (put two adolescent girls into one bedroom and see the sparks fly), but I have never heard them call each other anything worse than “butthead,” a term of endearment they picked up from binge-watching The Wonder Years. Do I think my kids never hear a curse word or use one when they’re at school or with friends? Of course not. They live in the real world. But I do think they are far less likely to use those words, since they do not slip out naturally or easily.

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All About Pets and Kids

Kids and pets often become a heady cocktail and are great partners in crime! Dogs can be wonderful teachers, playmates and friends to children, teaching them responsibility, respect, patience and more.

It’s no wonder your tot is tailing the family fur balls. After all, what small child could resist a life-sized stuffed toy that doesn’t just sit there but actually bounds around and barks (or pads around and purrs)? The trouble is, of course, while you can understand what’s motivating your toddler to chase the dog and cat, unless you’ve got Dr. Dolittle’s talent for talking to the animals, there’s no way you can explain to them why that annoying pint-sized person keeps yanking at their fur and poking at their eyes. If Spot growls and bares his teeth and Kitty hisses and shows her claws, you can hardly blame them.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

That being the case, it’s going to take a combination of vigilance on your part and some lessons on basic pet-safety rules to keep your tot from getting nipped or scratched. Here are some keys to a peaceful (and safe) kingdom of pets and kids:

Remember the first rule for pets and kids: Never ever leave a toddler alone with a dog or cat, no matter how sweet and gentle the animal is.

Divide the pets and kid(s). Use a baby gate to keep your dog out of whatever room your child is in. Better yet, crate your canine when you need to create some distance between him and your child. Not only is this an effective way to separate the two of them, your pup will probably appreciate it: If he’s stressed out from being chased around, his crate will feel like a safe haven.

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How Being a Stay at Home Mom Hurt My Kids

A working at home mom might be beneficial in some areas where you can still take care of your kids and your home. However it also has disadvantages that we should be aware of. Learn how to avoid this and learn some of the mistakes caused by my stay-at-home life.

Let me say from the start that I’m not throwing stones at other’s choices. I’ve been a player in the unavoidable mommy wars for long enough to know that every choice has benefits and drawbacks. It’s hard to be a stay-at-home mom. It’s hard to be a working mom. It’s double the trouble, none of the fun to be a work-from-home mom. This is not a “grass is always greener” post. This is also not a post about regret. I don’t regret the time that I spent staying home. Those were some of the greatest days of my life. But I also have enough distance from those days to see some of the mistakes that seemed to be built into my stay-at-home life.



My kids became lazy and overly dependent.

I heard it said once that a mother is the sun around which her children revolve like planets. While that’s an idyllic word picture, the sun never gets to take a day off without major planetary consequences. One day without the sun would result in people freezing to death followed by cataclysmic destruction as celestial bodies without gravity crash into one another. That scene is precisely what was happening at my house anytime I dared to be anything but fully present. In my stay-at-home role, I allowed myself to become too valuable and far too central to the success of the home and my children.

While every mother wants to be needed, you can quickly reach a point of diminishing returns. I reached that point somewhere between realizing that my children had never cleaned a bathroom and realizing that they couldn’t match their own socks. I had been doing those things for them—usually with the purist intentions of love and sacrifice—because I had plenty of time to devote to such things. In return, they had been living a life of luxury and were drastically missing age-appropriate skills.

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