Caring for Your Tiles Do’s and Don’ts

Maintenance of things in the home is important and must be performed on a regular basis. It will help in keeping it vibrant and wonderful for long. The do’s and don’ts to tilling may help you go a long way with all your tiling routines.


  • Clean up all debris and dust, prior to flooring arrangements.
  • Try out the scouring powders and the sealants on a small floor before actually applying it to the total area.
  • As soon as the tile is cleaned, grout joints must be treated with a silicone sealer.
  • Make use of a water and soap mixture to eliminate all the residues and completely clean the surface.
  • Choose only a competent tile remover to get the destroyed or cracked tiles replaced and removed.

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  • In the event of routine maintenance, it is not necessary to regularly use bleach and acid.
  • ¬†Sealants, wax based cleaners and oil-based detergents to keep the tiles are things that you should not use.
  • Avoid the use of harsh cleaning materials such as steel wool pads which can scratch or damage the surface of your tile.
  • ¬†Avoid using a cleaning agent that contains color (unglazed tile only).

Cleaning Solutions

Varied tiling solutions will need numerous cleaning solutions. Clean glazed products, those are home-based and non-oily whilst being a grout-joint-cleaning-compatible solution. For on a daily basis cleaning solutions, you may use a spray based cleaning solution. Spills, oil and grease must be cleaned with fairly neutral tile cleaners which are PH safe for regular use.


A ceramic floor must be mopped moist at least once per week. For commonly used areas, this has to be done more quickly. Utilization of detergents, soaps and any other chemicals should not be done. The mopping must be began only 72 hours after the initial grouting and joining is finished.


Marks, wears and some other damages could be eliminated by having floor mats available. It really is helpful in decreasing any type of spots or marks. Mats, both outdoors and just inside of each door, can go a long way to avoiding dirt from tracking in – just be certain you clean up the mats regularly. Making a practice of taking your shoes off in the door might help too.

Moreover, make use of protective pads on all the household furniture legs, the exterior metal furniture as well as the tile floors or decks. This will avoid it from getting rusted and discolored.

These quick and easy tips will let you have beautiful tiles over the time.



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