Build a Brick Path

“We can all agree that a beautiful garden instantly gives a home a welcoming and vibrant feel. We devote our time in gardening not  actually to please our neighbors but to enjoy nature in our very own home. But a garden in not simply planting all you want anywhere as it also needs proper planning.”


Pick the Right Brick

Not all bricks are alike. Paving bricks are harder than the others because they’re fired at a higher temperature — and this makes them more suitable for paving. When you buy new brick, you know what you’re getting. But when you buy reclaimed brick, be sure you confirm you’re buying true paving brick. Pavers are often larger and sometimes have a shiny surface (especially the oldest ones), and may have type imprinted on them, but not always. If in doubt, knock two bricks together. Pavers will have a bit of ring to them. Softer bricks will make more of a thud.

You will also find a variety of colors, as well as tumbled and beveled bricks, that offer a slightly different style. The bricks used in the project illustrated here are Bourbon Street pavers from Boral Bricks (www.boralbricks.com). Concrete pavers, though not the same thing as brick, come in similar shapes and sizes, and are installed in much the same way, so you may wish to consider this alternative.

Proper Planning

Many people make brick patios too small because they underestimate how much space they’ll need for furniture. To avoid this pitfall, take the actual furniture you plan to put on your new patio and place it where you think you’ll want it to be. Walk around the furniture, scoot chairs back — in short, use it like you normally would — and gauge how large you think the space needs to be. Then use spray paint to mark the perimeter of the patio.

Paths should be at least 3 feet wide, but you’ll appreciate a 4-foot-wide path a lot more. Use the path to connect entrances (to your home and garage, for instance) and different areas of the yard. A brick path can unify spaces outdoors the same way flooring does indoors.


Installing Brick

Installing brick is one of the more laborious outdoor projects you can attempt, and it’s important to approach it realistically. Many homeowners see a patio or path as a weekend project. Often, that’s overly optimistic (certainly, for larger projects). But if that’s your goal, have all the …


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