Best Dog Houses in 2019 for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

“It is important for pets as it is for humans. It is essential for your pooch to have the best dog house for various reasons such as comfort, security and privacy. Our pets are considered members of the family. They are part of our everyday lives, however no matter how domesticated companion animals are, they also need their independence and privacy.”

The best dog houses, written beside a yellow labrador poking it's head through a triangle opening in a green fence

Dog houses are incredibly valuable and useful products for dog owners, regardless of whether you keep your pooch inside or outside.

As well as providing shelter for ‘outside dogs’, they can be a homely den space for your pup or even a portable, temporary home for your dog on outdoor adventures.

There are a huge number of dog houses on the market, with a great variety of uses, shapes, sizes and quality, so it’s imperative that you decide on your wants and needs before you buy. They can be relatively expensive so it’s well worth considering what you want before you invest…


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