Beginner’s Guide to Flower Gardens

  (© Tim Hall)

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There’s never been a better moment for beginning gardeners. Improved garden products and easy-to-grow plant varieties have made starting out truly easy.

The first thing you’ll want to cultivate, however, is a list of local resources and experts to assist your newfound quest for vegetation.

Many colleges’ cooperative extension programs offer master gardener consultants, expert gardeners trained to answer questions from the public on everything from what plants thrive in your climate to how much soil you need. Wikipedia has a list of cooperative extension services around the country, as does Bayer (that’s right: the aspirin folks; they also make garden products).

Garden clubs also are great for getting started. Find one at National Garden Clubs, check your newspaper or search the Internet.

And you can explore independent garden stores and nurseries. Find them in the Lawn & Garden Yellow Pages or use the search page at Garden Centers of America, a national organization of independent garden centers. Home Depot garden centers are another fine resource.

Now choose a sunny spot in your yard, select — or dig — a bed about 10 feet long and at least three feet wide, then try the following pared-down instructions and soon you’ll be sporting a green thumb of your very own.


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