Bathroom Tiles – How To Choose Yours

Good bathroom tile design should make a floor surface that’s attractive, water resistant and safe to walk on. While you take into account which bathroom tile designs to pick, each type of tile has distinctive qualities that may or might not provide characteristics that are beneficial to your bathroom. Here are different material types for bathroom tile design together with advantages or disadvantages of each:

When it comes to deciding on the sizes of the tiles, take a look at the floor space of your bathroom. If you use smaller tiles it can look dirty unless you have a regular grouting session, but if you utilize tiles that happen to be too large it can make the room feel smaller. Getting a balance between the size of bathroom tiles and those that you prefer the look of and that will suit the rest of the d├ęcor is a little tricky, but with countless different types of bathroom tiles to choose from you will find something.

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(C) Pinterest

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are generally at the cheaper end of the scale, although do not think you will have to bargain on appearance, Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are available in thousands of variations. Porcelain tiles are basically Ceramic tiles but offer you more water resistance than Ceramic tiles. Moving up the scale, Glass tiles can offer a very elegant look and if kept clean and polished will make your bathroom sparkle.

Obviously, it’s a good idea to select the correct shade of grout before you decide to lay the bathroom tiles since this can impact the looks of the floor. If you choose a solid colour for the tiles in the bathroom, you can mix it up by adding a border, smaller tiles around the circumference of the floor and ones which go well with the boldly coloured main tiles. Softer colours, such as beige or off-white will give an airy feel to the room however, you might struggle to keep them looking as clean as is possible because of the lighter shade. A popular colour for bathroom tiles is dark grey or slate colour, that cleans up well and looks great.

Have fun as you choose the styles, colors, patterns and sizes of bathroom floor tile and related details for your bathroom. You’ll want your bathroom to be a enjoyable, cozy room to invest time in and the bathroom floor tile utilized will help create that type of atmosphere. Make use of bathroom tile ideas to help you have that special bathroom you could enjoy every single day.


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