Bathroom Sinks Buying Guide

“A bathroom could be considered a busy part of the house because we use it every day. We would be in the bathroom to start and end our day before we finally go to bed. Even if the space is for personal use, it has to be well-designed to ensure that the users will be able to use them conveniently.”

Photo courtesy Kohler Co.

If your powder room needs a face-lift or it’s time to master the master bath, you’re about to discover that plumbing fixture designers have created an array of high-style bathroom sinks that turn what was once a mundane fixture into a show stopper.

First, let’s clarify the terminology. The correct term for a bathroom sink is “lavatory,” a word rooted in the Latin word lavare, meaning “to wash.” In the industry, “lavatory” is often shortened to “lav” or, in contractor lingo, “lavvy.” The term “sink” fits if the lavatory tops a pedestal, as in “pedestal sink.” Then again, the commonly known term is “sink,” so that’s what we’ll use.
Costs of bathroom sinks are all over the map. Low-end, value-priced fixtures can be purchased at home improvement centers for under $100. At the high end, the sky is the limit. Most large manufacturers offer fixtures in a wide range of price points.

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