Stay Healthy With Good Indoor Air Quality

Ask many people about air quality problems, and they are going to look to the outside. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) known as indoor air pollution, one of the United States’ top environmental health concerns and has also identified the necessity to improve indoor air quality.

The quality of the air which you breathe inside your home can have a major impact on your health. Part of having a healthy home environment is being in a position to breathe clean air. Making sure that the quality of air in your house is great ought to be one of your top priorities. Clean air at home can help keep you and your household healthy.

Who Is Affected By Poor Indoor Air Quality?

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The air pollutants set stress on your immune system, that can bring about other health problems. The consequences of poor indoor air quality on an individual could vary tremendously according to age and relative health. Nevertheless, in general, poor indoor air quality results in allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and weakened immune systems. Youngsters are specifically vulnerable to the health risks of polluted indoor air since their lungs are smaller and they have to take more breaths each day. In the event you experience allergy symptoms or asthma attacks in your house, you may have poor indoor air quality.

Anyone may suffer from the effects of poor indoor air quality. The cumulative effects of the various causes of air pollution found in most indoor areas can boost the risk of negative health effects by a significant amount. The negative health effects caused by poor air quality and exposure to indoor pollutants may appear right after exposure or not until several years later. The most typical effects experienced involve head aches, dizziness, fatigue, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

How Can Quality Be Improved?

To boost the quality of the air, your need to set up high quality air filters in the home. High quality air conditioner filters are built to trap air pollutants as the air goes through the filter material, efficiently eliminating these pollutants from the indoor air. This greatly minimizes exposure to airborne contaminants and can prevent allergic reactions, asthma attacks, along with other respiratory problems related to poor air quality in your home.

Additionally, ventilation system in the home is also just about the most significant things to fix inside your homes. Ventilation could highly give rise to decreasing the number of pollutants in your homes. In a poor ventilated home, the concentration levels of pollutants can simply increase. Hence with good ventilation system, bad air is exhausted outside and cleaner and fresh air is being brought inside.



4 Favorite Tools For Composting

Composting is the natural process of rotting food which normally turns into matter which will then be utilized in gardens to feed flowers. You’ll find only a couple of simple activities that have to be taken to start composting, like acquiring the proper composting tools. Below are some of them.

1. Compost has to be turned and moved from point A to point B. You could use manure fork for such tasks. Unlike a hay fork, a manure fork has 4 to 5 tines arranged like a shovel blade. They are narrow in contrast to a garden fork and are also made to get a good forkful of material that is a mix of hay and manure. Hence they do a superb job on a mix of partly composted and fully composted organic matter. Search for one in which the tines are close enough together so the material doesn’t easily fall through yet wide enough to allow for good penetration without jamming.

(C) City of Chula Vista

(C) City of Chula Vista

2. As you get close to the bottom of the pile or it scatters around on you, a garden rake is an efficient tool to possess. This means a bow rake with solid tines, not a fan that you could use to comb up leaves. An excellent, solid tool is needed to reach and haul the compost. Furthermore, it’s a great tool for spreading compost once a pile is deposited in the heart of the garden bed.

3. The aerator is quite known as a compost turning tool and features a similarity to a rod which has wing-like appendages situated on the bottom. When you plunge this tool into the compost pile, the plunging motion and the wings will definitely turn and aerate the pile simultaneously. In order that the pile to compost properly there should be adequate aeration throughout.

4. Compost sifters or screens are precious inclusions in any garden collection of tools for sifting topsoil to rid out the grit as well as for sifting compost. For instance, your compost is ready however it is apparently lumpy and you also wanted a finer grain; this is when you would like to use a sifter. Compost isn’t going to flow as easy as grain or gravel and it’ll typically clog the sifter when it is wet. It is far better to allow for the compost to dry prior to trying to sift it. Generally the compost sifter is simple to clean and you also can use it to separate debris from any soil.

Making compost, the natural soil enhancement could be very simple or very complex based on the selections of tools you obtain. Don’t push your physical limits when doing your compost. Utilize these tools to help you get the task executed.



Lavender – A Healing Plant For Your Garden

Lavender is not only beautiful, but has many wonderful uses. The article provides some ideas on interesting ways in which the flowers from a lavender hedge can be used for culinary, healing and restorative purposes.

Many plants are known to soothe and calm the senses, and now it is believed that the smell of flowers can improve your quality of sleep along with making your home look better.

Lavender is lauded for its healing powers and has been used in baby shampoos and soaps to help children relax. You can even get pillows infused with the scent of lavender to help you relax and fall asleep. I’ve also heard if you treat your children’s bedding with lavender that when they travel all you need to do is mist their new bed with lavender and you can get them to sleep anywhere.

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(C) Pinterest

Lavender is a fairly easy plant to grow indoors. It requires lots of sunlight and even watering. Not only do the flowers give off a scent but so does the foliage as well. With its beautiful grey foliage and blue flowers it makes a stunning addition to any room.

The smell of jasmine doesn’t make you sleep but it does make your sleep time count for more. According to a study by Wheeling Jesuit University, jasmine has a positive effect on the quality of sleep one gets, decreasing anxiety and improving the attitude one has after waking up. With its tiny white flowers this vine can be grown both indoors and as a patio plant in the summer. When in bloom jasmine can be most striking, and the fact I can wake more refreshed makes me want to try this in the bedroom soon.

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The One Thing You Always Forget To Do When Gardening

Gardening can also be hard on the body, especially on the knees and lower back. Here are some easy exercise tips that can help you avoid garden injuries.

Gardening is one of the nation’s favourite hobbies, especially in the warmer months, and more people are becoming green-fingered than ever before. But there’s always one thing we forget to do before going out in the garden – a warm up!

(C) Nature's Path Blog

(C) Nature’s Path Blog

In recent research by Squire’s Garden Centres, 93 per cent of people said gardening helps to keep them fit and healthy. Indeed, gardening is a great whole body workout (click here for exactly how you can reap the benefits) but a staggering 81 per cent of people surveyed said they never stretch or warm up beforehand, despite 20 per cent admitting that gardening was their main form of exercise.

Sarah Squire, deputy chairman at Squire’s, said: ‘Gardening is a great way to achieve a low impact workout, full of movement and stretching but without the strain on the joints of pounding the streets. Plus best of all it’s free!’

Before any gardening session, Squire’s advise you to carry out a 10-minute warm up and stretch to help avoid any aches and pains, and of course, you should keep yourself hydrated throughout.

‘Just as you would drink water in the gym you should also do so while gardening, as dehydration can lead to increased muscle stiffness after exercise,’ Sarah explained. ‘So remember, it’s not just plants that need water in the garden – you do too!’

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Cushion Covers Add to your Home Decor

Home decor accessories are really liked by everybody; many people are continuously in search of the ideal accessory for all the room in their homes. Cushion covers are used to cover cushions which enhance the appearance of the room. Different cushion covers of numerous colors are used to accentuate the rooms, which are available in many different shapes, sizes, fabrics and numerous others. The best part is that cushion covers could be sewn and fixed at home itself and this gives one the liberty to decide on their own fabric and it can be very rewarding.

The first step in determining what sort of cushion covers will fit your home decor theme is choosing how big you should have. This is almost wise practice, but, if you have a big cushion or throw pillow, you will not need a small cover. Maybe the fastest way to figure out what sizes of cushion covers are needed is by measuring your pillows. You don’t want ill fitting cushion covers, so it is wise to get a cover that’s as close as possible to the size of your cushion. If you can not find cushion covers which will fit your needs, there’s always the option for having one customized or sewing one yourself. A customized cushion cover will surely fit the cushion you need protected.

There are a few basic steps for making cushion covers and the foremost being the collection of essential materials that are cushion pad, fabric, scissors, a measuring tape, matching thread and pins and sewing machine. The next thing is selecting ones fabric which should be in respect to the household for a better looking room. Furthermore, you need to not chose stretch fabrics and slippery fabrics like satin as it can be hard to stitch. Then one is supposed to measure the cushion pad across the fullest point. Well, if it is full then it must be squashed down a little.

To ensure an effect with fewer cushions, attempt selecting brighter colours and patterns that accent your current interior or exterior decor for an appealing effect. To choose your colours, look for a colour that is already within – but not the primary colour of – your existing decor. You may have a blue and gold floral painting inside your room, in which case you could choose blue cushions. You can also choose to add art to your decoration by using ‘statement’ cushions. If you’re searching to purchase cheap cushion covers online, check for those which have pictures or prints of birds, flowers, vehicles, brand names, celebrities or other objects that get attention.



Reasons To Get Pipe Repair Done Right Away

If you think your pipes must be fixed, you ought to get this done instantly. This is not the best thing to procrastinate on, since there may be implications. Find out why it is much easier to get the necessary pipe repair done as quickly as possible.

When you have a leaking pipe, the first thing you want to do is switch off the water source to that pipe. If the pipe is under the bathroom or kitchen sink or leading to the toilet, then the water valve must be right at the source. The first mistake that many people make is to panic and they leave the water on, which ends up in a flooded bathroom, kitchen and to much more costly repairs. You don’t just invest in repairs but also on bills too.

There is always the danger that your malfunctioning pipes will burst when you least expect it. This is very costly because you will likely need to switch the pipes and any items the water damages. Furthermore, your utility bill will be higher once you let the pipes burst, as it will take some time to get the issue in order. For this reason having the essential repairs done right away is often the best idea. Plus, in this way you avoid having to worry that the pipe might burst at any moment, because you are fully aware in advance that you have fixed the problem. This is why you should take fast action whenever you suspect there’s an issue.

Fortunately, trained professionals are readily available to help home owners and building managers to maintain their properties. While there are numerous who purport to do the job, for satisfactory service, only certified contractors capable of providing quality inspection, leak detection, water extraction, mold remediation, general contractor or preventive services needs to be hired.



How to Make the Strongest Natural Bug Repellents

As a housewife and real nature lover I don’t want to be constantly in fear of ticks or other bites which can transmit diseases or virus. But repellents can also be quite dangerous. Why not create your own repellents.

With the weather cooling down, more critters will try to find refuge in your warm home. Make sure they know they’re unwelcome with DIY pesticide. These at-home bug repellants from Home Advisor are great home hacks that will keep bugs and harmful chemicals out of your home. All the ingredients are natural and safe to use around your family and pets, so start spraying away!

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(C) Pinterest

1. Ants
Ants are small and harmless, but they can be so annoying. Just one little crumb can attract a whole bunch and they seem to spread everywhere. To stop them before they even become a problem, combine water, white vinegar, and essential oil in a spray bottle and mist all doors and baseboards in your home.

2. Cockroaches
If cockroaches send shivers up your spine, you need to make this pesticide before they even think about entering your home. Two cups of water mixed with two tablespoons of tea tree oil should do the trick.

3. Spiders
Let spiders know they are unwanted by deterring them with this fragrant spray. Mix one tablespoon of peppermint essential oil and one cup of water in a misting bottle. Cover all entrances to your house, including windows, to make sure your personal space is secure.

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Beautiful Bedrooms with Creative Accent Wall Ideas Looks Stylish

Interior accent wall is often a fast and inexpensive way to make an ordinary room look extraordinary. Accentuate your personal space with accent wall to brighten up your bedroom. Let your imagination inspire you.

Are you planning to update your bedroom interior decor? You have to think creative ideas to design your room. There lots of inspiration for decorate your room and make it looks stylish and fashionable. Creative accent wall ideas become the right choice to help you arrange the room. There are a variety of beautiful bedrooms that span a huge range of styles from contemporary to classic, eclectic to luxury, and everything. If you are looking for stylistic bedroom wall accent designs, bedroom frame designs, or just want to check out some neat color palettes or fresh decor motifs, let’s take a look these pictures below!

Contemporary Bedroom with Geometric Accent Wall Decor

(C) roohome.com

(C) roohome.com

Geometric latticework, dramatic lighting, modern feature more fitted to apply inside this bedroom to make it looks contemporary. The concept design above also evokes the room into a sophisticated retreat.

Bedroom lighting ideas that come out from the decoration around the room brings out a warm ambiance. Determine the effect you want to create inside, this ultra-modern geometric is suitable for application as the bedroom wall accent designs.

These geometric wall panels give a modern look that shown surround the room. Hanging wall lamp bringing a bit warm effects because of the gleam lights that produce on it.

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Things to Be Considered While Purchasing a Spiral Staircase

Now and then, people try things out and explore things to enhance the appeal of their home. You will discover out of this world designed space, automatic and portable furniture and a lot more. However, should you just want a unique and attractive accent of your home, you might like to take into account setting up a spiral staircase in the house. Spiral staircases are an instant eye catcher insider the house. But before you decide on installing one, here are some ideas you need to look at.

Budget: The complexity of the spiral stairs could make its installation price costly. If your design is more difficult, then the contractor must spend more time on it which makes it costly. You should always look at your expenses prior to starting the job to avoid unexpected expenditures.

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Materials: The types of materials utilized for the stairs will vary on the concept you intend to integrate in your home. You can use glass, bricks, concrete, stone and wood. The widely used materials right now are stone and woods. Wood as a staircase material is best for space restricted interior while stone may be carved into amazing styles to form staircase balusters. Wood can differ from cherry, mahogany while stone choices are granite and marble.

Location: You should locate a specific position for your staircases. Spiral staircase could be positioned in an open part of the floor, against a wall, or in a corner. Final location of the spiral is determined by the final size of the top landing. The top landing parts are given a bit longer than necessary just in case a blockage is not clear throughout planning.The staircase must be positioned to ensure that it won’t interfere with walls, doorways, windows, interior trim materials, light switches, thermostats, containers etc. Take into account the highly recommended clearance is 2″ beyond all the parts of the stair perimeter, or 4″ overall.

Curves: With regards to spiral stairs, the curves are one of the crucial concern. Spiral can certainly be crafted in a variety of dimensions to suit the amount of space that is available in your home. Should you have more room available, the curvature may be spread a bit more, leading to much wider treads and a wider flight. This is why spiral staircase are usually utilized in small space since you can opt for tight spirals. The look and design may also determine the curves you need to install.

Think about these things to make your next spiral staircase installation project a lot easier. Spiral staircase also serves for safety purposes for your house because they are very sturdy fixtures. Additionally, it harmonizes well with your home decor.



Which Direction Should You Run Your Tile Flooring? Well…

Most do-it-yourselfers have no problem laying a tile floor if they use careful preparation and attention to detail. There’s more to installing tile than just putting it in. This article will give you the importance of the look of the tiles if they are place in the right direction.

Now that we’ve gone over the most appropriate direction to lay your wood floor, let’s now consider…

Your tile.

Will the same principles used when laying your wood floor apply to how you lay your tile?

(C) farmhouseurban.com

(C) farmhouseurban.com

Let’s find out. 😉

Most people don’t have tile all over their house, from the front door all the way through. So…

The same general rule that applies to laying wood tile can’t be applied when laying tile. And, really, these are two different materials, so the direction needs to be considered in a different manner.

In many cases, where tile is used in a room, it’s located in the heart of the home or in an isolated space, usually in the kitchen or bathroom. If you’ve got square tile, or tile to be laid diagonally or in a Versailles pattern, the direction isn’t an issue. However, when working with our now ever-popular rectangular tiles (12” x 24” is currently a popular size), I like to run the tiles in the exact opposite direction I would a wood floor, regardless of whether it’s laid in a brick pattern or stacked.

Because I like for wood floorboards to appear long, and I want them to run the length of the room or in a house (front to back so that it draws you through the house), I like to lay these rectangular tiles in the opposite direction, perpendicular to the length of the room. So in a kitchen that is 10’ x 20’, for example, I would lay the longer side across the 10’ length. In this case, I would prefer the tiles not look so long, instead appearing in more of a brick style (just like when you look at a brick wall, the long sides of the brick are running horizontally, across the wall). It just makes for a more pleasing, harmonious layout that feels more comfortable in the room. It also serves to make the space feel wider, much like in the plan shown here.

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