Artificial Indoor Plants? Yes, Please!

What is the importance of artificial plants in interior decoration? With such a variety of styles and colors, there is no reason you can’t have a amazing display indoors and out all year round.

I have the very opposite of a green thumb, and can’t keep a plant alive to save my life. I took botany in college, so I understand the basic concept. Plants need sunlight and water, in varying degrees depending on the type of plant. It seems so simple, and yet I just can’t make it work.

(C) DIY Decorator

(C) DIY Decorator

So if I’m going to have greenery in my home (and I do love the life that greenery adds to a room!), it has to be artificial. But even if I were a master gardener or a plant whisperer with seemingly magical powers to make any plant thrive, I still wouldn’t be able to have real plants indoors because of a little monster I live with named Peeve.

Maybe it’s our fault for naming her Peeve. Maybe her name became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or perhaps when I held that tiny, innocent-looking kitten in my hands 14 years ago and said, “Hi, sweet girl. Your name is Peeve,” she answered back in her little cat mind, “Okay, challenge accepted.”

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