A Dad’s Gift Guide – Helpful Tips for Buying Jewellery

“Not all that glitters is gold! Daddies, be careful when you buy something for your partner. Though the thought is really something, you also need to be extra mindful when giving especially if its jewelries. I know this is a bit confusing given that only a few men are into jewelries. So here’s a guide to help you in this endeavor.”


1. The first question will be to choose the metal

Is it going to be white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum?

2. Choice of stone: Coloured gems or diamonds

a} If you are going for coloured gems, when deciding on the right colour for her, take a hint from the colours of her clothes, shoes and bags. Is it more pastel or will she be happy to receive a deep red ruby and a cornflower blue sapphire bracelet?

Gemstones are available in every possible colour – purple amethysts, blue topaz’, pink tourmalines, green emeralds and more! Your jeweller should be able to advise you on the range of options available.

b} If diamonds it is, then would it be the colourless, which is the most sought after or would 2014 bring a surprise of a fancy coloured diamond..maybe a pink, yellow or blue?

3. The shape of the stone

Each gemstone has its own personality and most gems are available …


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