5 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Big

A large, spacious bathroom is a luxury that many individuals would like to have. But, the truth is, in most areas, apartments or condos are built with small bathrooms to provide room for the other spaces in the house. Yet that does not stop us from being in position to make a chic and useful bathroom that we want. Even if you possess a average sized bathroom, the wrong decorating can easily make the space appear smaller than what it really is. Here are a few ways to enhance a small bathroom to help make it seem or feel large.

1. Choose the suitable color

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Preferably, start with changing the color of your bathroom. To obtain an impression of a bigger space, pick out soft, fairly neutral and light colors. Using gentle colors on solid walls can make the entire room seem larger. You can also make use of white-colored trimmings to help make the bathroom look even bigger. If you wish to have bright highlights (like red, yellow or blue), simply use brilliant bath towels as well as other accessories..

2. Enhance with mirrors
It’s not at all a secret that mirrors give awesome illusion of space expansion. So this technique isn’t new in redecorating any small area in your house. This means you have to integrate more or larger size restroom mirrors. You can place a full-length mirror on the back of the restroom door or place a few small mirrors through the bathroom. You can also make use of a cupboard with a mirrored door.

3. Avoid bulky towel racks
Utilizing a huge towel rack can certainly make the bathroom feel crowded. Use slender stainless steal towel racks to declutter the walls of the bathroom, creating a a lot more open and airy look. A longer towel rack along the wall gives the toilet a lot more depth.

4. Declutter the area
Remember to organize stuff in your bathroom. The fewer stuff you have, the larger the room will look like. Knick knacks and plush dolls look sweet yet they take up lots of space and end up making your bathroom seem smaller. The more open space you have revealed, the more expansive a bath room will appear..

5. Round Toilets and Oval Sinks
Oval shaped toilets tend to be longer than a round bowl toilet, which takes up extra space. Utilizing a round bowl toilet can reduce the amount of used space while not having to sacrifice much else. The sink and vanity can also be kept thin and much less obtrusive by making use of elongated oval sinks and vanity or cabinets that are less depth.

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