5 Reason Why Your Aircon Is Blowing Warm Air

This is probably one of our greatest nightmares! When you are all set to have a good night sleep and just when you turned on your air conditioner, it doesn’t give you the cold air. I myself am easily agitated when my A/C is not working properly. But let’s calm down our senses first before going hysterical as there are reasons why it is happening so;


Severally aircon blowing warm air can be problematic for you in Singapore due to its humid environment. There can be a number of reasons of blowing hot air by your aircon some of the commonly found reasons in this regard are being discussed in brief in this article for your guidance. Knowing these reasons before hand will not only save your time but also enable you to check the fault till the arrival of a professionally qualified mechanic.

5 Reasons Why Aircon Is Blowing Hot Air

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Reasons of blowing warm air by your aircon

Improper maintenance of unit:
Proper maintenance of aircon in Singapore is very necessary due to its humid environment as it becomes uncomfortable at home in the evening after busy work schedule of the day. You should check the fins, whether they are straight and clean or not, if you find your aircon blowing warm air. The operating efficiency of your aircon can get affected due to any of the other issues also so be particular about its regular maintenance for its proper working.

Restricted air flow due to dirty air filter:
In fact your arcon has to provide you unrestricted air flow to maintain the temperature of your home properly. But severally dirty filters obstruct the flow of air to the coil of your aircon which in turn affect its proper working. You should change its filters frequently after every 1-2 months if it is used regularly everyday. Over-choking of your aircon filters can cause scaling of dust into its coil which may block it with block of ice after freezing it.

Thermostat set on wrong mode:
You may find your aircon blowing …


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