34 Creative Furniture That Stand Out From The Rest

“I know that we have already seen a lot of amazing stuffs in the internet. With such creative minds of people, no wonder they can create unique and out of this world things to make our lives comfortable or just to simple display how much a man’s imagination could stretch. Well, a few of these expressions are these cool and outstanding furniture that you might be seeing just for the first time.”


1. Openaire

Openaire is the combination of a laptop-carrying case, work table and a chair, all designed with style and ergonomics in mind. They can be folded up to form a standard-sized bag, allowing you to set up office pretty much anywhere! The only bad news here is, we have yet to see it appear physically in this world.


openaire - implementation

2. Communicative Coffee Table

It’s a sliding puzzle the size of a table! What’s more, there is a chalkboard under the table surface where you scribble notes, apologies, or marriage proposals (just a thought) on. Slide any of the tile pieces to the empty slot and the writing underneath will be cleared.

communicative coffee table

communicative coffee table - implementation

3. Exhibi-Table

If you’re bored with large bookshelves, maybe this wonderful exhibit table can be a nice alternative to the traditional book shelf idea. It’s the perfect furniture to have for book lovers, and especially if you have a mini-library at home. Place the books you use most often into the empty slots for easy retrieval. And if you run out of books, you can still slot in other stuff in there, so long as they fit the space.


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