33 Recycling Games For Teaching Your Kids (And Yourself) About Responsible Waste Disposal

“Talk to your kids about reusing certain types of waste instead of simply tossing it in the trash bin. Reusing waste materials greatly reduces impact on the environment and reduces the amount of waste entering landfills. It also saves you money in many cases.”

recycling games for kids

While I can’t say for certain, I’d guess that recycling’s become so associated with environmental responsibility because it plugs right into our consumer society. As long as you know which materials go where, you don’t have to give recycling much more thought: just continue to consume and toss.

As we’ve shown many times, there’s much more to recycling: technical challenges and economics alone complicate the picture tremendously beyond what we see in our own homes. And while we don’t all have to become experts on the whole process of recycling, understanding the bigger picture helps us handle our role in the chain of activities more mindfully and responsibly…


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