12 DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Children have far more toys these days than they had in years past. Because of this, a lot of mess in a home is becoming a problem for parents. Choosing good quality, practical storage can help to tidy those toys and sort out that mess.

Do you feel like your kid’s bedroom is turning into a mini-plush zoo? If so, we have 12 DIY stuffed animal storage ideas and solutions for you to help you get those plush toys organized.

Before you get started, the first thing to do is sort through all your stuffed animals and take inventory of what you have. Think about the sizes of the different stuffed animals – do you have a lot of large ones? Medium sized ones? Small ones? This will help you pick the right storage solution for you out of all the ideas we have below.

Beka Toy Storage Corral

Think toy box without the box. Wooden slats and elastic ropes make it easy to see your stuffed animals and makes clean up a breeze. Best of all, since it fits in a corner, it makes it a good space saving option.

Redmon Bongo Buckets

Collapsible storage hampers are perfect for organizing stuffed animals. You can find these at just about any retail store. They are great for laundry too! Best of all, they are a much safer alternative than traditional toy chests.



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