• Choosing A Fertilizer For Your Vegetable Garden

    Fertilizing our vegetable garden seems like an easy task but it's not simply just applying a fertilizer. There are steps we need to follow and prepare before hand. If you're looking for basics and guides in applying fertilizer, check out this article. As garden vegetables grow, they undergo an … [Read More...]


    Choosing A Fertilizer For Your Vegetable Garden

    Fertilizing our vegetable garden seems like an easy task but it’s not simply just applying a fertilizer. There are steps we need to follow and prepare before hand. If you’re looking for basics and guides in applying fertilizer, check out this article.

    As garden vegetables grow, they undergo an intensive process that strips nutrients from the soil. Adding fertilizer keeps soil in optimum shape to feed your garden. Choosing the right type of fertilizer and adding the right amount depends on the soil and the plants you’re growing. Soil tests are a great way to know what to add.


    (C) Veggiegardener.com

    (C) Veggiegardener.com

    • The first number indicates the percentage of nitrogen (N)

    • The second number shows the percentage of phosphate (the type of phosphorus, P2O5)

    • Third number represents the percentage of potash (the form of potassium used, K2O.)

    A 5-10-5 fertilizer contains 5 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphate, and 5 percent potash, and it’s called a complete fertilizer because it contains some of each type of nutrient. In contrast, bone meal has an analysis of 4-12-0. It’s a good source of phosphate but doesn’t provide any potash.

    Now that you understand the numbers, you have to choose between organic and chemical fertilizers.

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    7 Ways to Wean your Child off Video Games

    Is your kid addicted to video games? This is one of the biggest struggles of every parent. Sometimes it’s hard to say no to our kids but it’s really important to remind them that too much of anything is bad. How do we deal with our kids when it comes to this?

    The appeal of today’s ubiquitous video games is based on sound value – the games are fun, the action is fast, the challenges are inviting. Yet when kids and teens spend time in front of small screens – whether it’s the TV, computer or hand-held games – it takes away from the time they could spend playing sport, learning other skills or enjoying active play.

    (C) Telegraph.co.uk

    (C) Telegraph.co.uk

    When children constantly receive their entertainment through computer games, they develop an increasing desire for instant entertainment which decreases their attention span and hurts their listening skills. And while studies link excessive gaming with conditions like depression, anxiety and social phobia, simple common sense dictates that too much time spent playing online games is counter-productive to a child’s healthy growth and development.

    The goal of a frustrated parent should not be to remove the child’s access to these activities, but to help the child find balance between time spent using these devices and time spent in independent activity, outdoor experiences in nature, and plenty of physical activity which a growing body craves.

    What not to do

    It is surprising that many articles which discuss strategies to reduce video-gaming time suggest “tiger-mom” measures such as removing the computer from the child’s room, installing access-limiting software, or simply pulling the plug on the computer. These methods, in my opinion, are confrontational, and send a message that the child lacks self-control. Pulling the plug will only drive your child elsewhere, perhaps to a friend’s house where controls are less strict.


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    Saving Money on Furniture

    (C) Furnitureaccoutlet.com

    (C) Furnitureaccoutlet.com

    Designing one’s house is really an expensive project. And this is particularly the case when your purchase list is full of superb and branded furniture pieces. People have already instilled in their minds that low cost furniture are poor in quality therefore they prefer to invest their hard earned cash on the very costly ones. Even though it may be true to a large degree, however if you are wise and diligent in the buying decisions, it may translate into affordable furniture purchase and that as well without bargaining on the quality. This article will guide you in obtaining the ideal furniture that will fit your preference on a lesser budget.

    Here’s the first thing to do. Budget earmarking is the first thing when you are out to get your furniture. A maximum and minimum range ought to be established. It must not be too low nor too high, it needs to be right for each type. And also, you should create a listing of every item that you need and label those of most priority.

    It is always essential to know the main manufacturer or distributor of the furniture. This is because they give a much lower price and they even give major discount rates. And moreover, you can be sure of the quality of the furniture when dealing with bulk dealers. Like for example, when you want the Amish furniture which is certainly quite expensive, always search for its main provider in the area. This is important because Amish furniture is quite a hit among elite and to ensure quality products, a wholesale dealer with good status will ease you from a serious headache. And since it’s a wholesale vendor, the cost of Amish furniture would obviously be lesser due to the absence of retailer’s commission.

    A further buyer’s tip is to check out major furniture retailers, discount stores and furniture warehouses. These furniture stores offers furniture that are in good condition yet on more affordable price. The furniture may have little flaws but it doesn’t affect its objective. There is actually no harm if the defect are simply minor.

    The same reasoning applies to the used furniture. Obviously, those brand or quality conscious will never opt for these kind of furniture however if you simply are applying vintage theme, then used furniture is going to be fine. Cheap and quality used furniture from a reputable used furniture retailer would not be a bad transaction.

    However, should you be already contemplating those high priced ones, then attempt to await for grand sales. Sales are a bonanza time for the buyers wanting to save hard-earned dollars. Such sales will surely decrease to half its price or more, which means that is very good deal for you.

    Although, you’ve got to be wise on those what are known as promotional or sales scheme. From time-to-time, the stores develop schemes that will attract the shoppers paying out big bucks. Do not be misled by their schemes such as discount on second item or in 0% credit card interest and just stick to what’s on your budget and obtain just those that are really necessary.

    The best main goal after you enter a furniture shop would be to have an affordable and high quality furniture. Plan, check and negotiate to find the best deal on your furniture shopping.


    Advantages of LED Lighting

    LED lighting is not a brand new technology; the truth is, it has been with us since the 1960’s. LED lighting is here to stay in a world which is environment friendly. The technology of LED lighting may be used to considerably lessen the carbon emissions and combat the battle of global warming. LED lighting is cost-effective and it is replacing traditional lights across the world. There are many pros provided by LED lighting. Listed below are the top five advantages of LED Lighting:

    1. Functional in Hot And Cold Temperatures

    Conventional lights tend to have a hard time functioning in cold and hot temperatures. Based on the extremity of the weather, the lights might dim, or maybe degrade. LED lights, nevertheless, are completely functional in all temperatures. As a result LED light is ideal for outdoor events for both the winter and summertime, just like an outdoor Christmas tree or inside of a hot tub.

    (C) Ideascale.com

    (C) Ideascale.com

    2. Safe To Touch

    Some of us do not have that wonderful experience with unscrewing a hot light bulb. With LED, you should not concern yourself with touching the bulbs when lit. LED lights operate at surprisingly low temperature, which makes them safe to touch at all times. While traditional lights are burning up, these lights stay cool to the touch.

    3. Durable Quality

    When compared with incandescent (typically 1,000 hours) or fluorescent (up to 15,000 hours), LED products come out evidently on top running effectively for over 50,000 hours of continuous use. This equates to just under six years of use if you were to never turn them off!

    4. Design Flexibility

    Due to the fact LED technology doesn’t require a vacuum to generate light from a filament (like in all other technologies available), LED lights are often smaller than any incandescent, CFL or halogen counterpart. This permits them to be better and a lot more apprropriate to complex building and lighting design requirements while accommodating for just about any current replacement applications. As it pertains to color, LEDs can produce any colors.

    5. Energy Efficiency Saves Money

    Like saving cash? LEDs are for you. The energy efficiency could help you save unbelievably high amounts of money on your monthly electric bill. In comparison to traditional lighting, LEDs use 75% less energy than conventional lighting, and last 25 times longer. This means you could have a lower electric bill by 75%, helping you save a great amount of money.


    Types of Landscaping Trees

    Selecting a landscape tree is undoubtedly the most fateful decision as far as the garden is concerned. The right selection can make the garden, while an unwise option is liable to turn the garden right into a liability. By knowing this process, you’ll be able to at the very least, prevent some of the worst mistakes.

    Which Landscaping Trees To Use

    Certain landscaping trees will be a more sensible choice based on what you really are trying to accomplish. What you should plant depends on what season you need the tree to bloom, spring is popular for flowers and color. Also you can choose between trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals to style a wonderful garden all year round.

    (C) Fast-growing-trees.com

    (C) Fast-growing-trees.com

    Dogwood trees are among the most popular trees to buy and use in the summer months. The dogwood tree is very attractive as it has gorgeous blooms during the spring, attractive leaves and branches over the summer and a banquet of color for the fall. Besides looking great the dogwood tree also attracts many wild birds, which is great for your garden in several ways.

    Maple tree varieties usually have the broadest range of fall leaf colors. Yellow, orange and gold colors will stay the same level of vibrancy irrespective of weather fluctuations. Leaves will turn brown when the weather gets too cold. Vine maples are believed to be an excellent landscape tree because of the hardiness, the color of its bark and the beautiful color of its leaves in the fall. Whilst the amur maple, that can be planted in small lots, provides lovely foliage color during the fall.

    Ginkgo or Maidenhair Ginkgo biloba are very large trees. They normally reach a height of 66-115 feet. A number of in China are even over 164 feet. The tree has a crown that is angular. They’ve got long branches, usually deep rooted. They are resistant to wind and snow damage. The younger trees are slender and sparsely branched. The crown will end up broader as the tree ages. During the fall season, the leaves turn a bright yellow.

    When choosing trees for one’s landscape, a home owner should also consider the purpose of the tree. Is the addition of a tree solely aesthetic? Is it purely functional? Is it a combination? Certain trees lend themselves to a particular reasons, and this could help the homeowner establish the best tree for their property. It is useful to gather information you need concerning this matter by asking some experts or doing some research by yourself.

    The rise of the Internet has made research easier and it is possible to have a vast array of facts about landscaping trees along with what will work the best for your distinct weather and soil. It is possible to research and get trees online and this may save you time, effort and money. You’ll soon have the yard you always wanted.


    Starting a Small Garden

    Small gardens promote the importance of more gardening involvement especially when creating a gardening spectacular for all year round.

    There are plenty of opportunities and some constraints when creating small gardens. You can make shaded patios, raised garden beds and ponds. Additionally you can make use of containers and hanging baskets. There are numerous vibrant and fragrant plants which you can use.

    Garden features that need unrestricted space are not possible in a small garden. When coming up with a small garden you need to look at the space and plan out the functions, materials and plants that’ll be utilised. You can make garden beds on the side of the house with rows of colorful plants. By planting numerous rows of plants that flower at different times and are at different heights you could make a magnificent for all summer long.

    (C) Pinterest

    (C) Pinterest

    Small gardens take some more strategical thought and placement of plants and elements to make probably the most of the small space. You should design with future growth in mind to ensure that when the plants reach maturity they do not get into the spaces they don’t really belong in. Just like all gardens, you’ll need to check the basics before you can wisely design and plan a small garden. Because of generally being closed in, sunshine, shade, and heat are main influencing factors.

    If the garden will be displayed the shape and the size of the small garden needs to be taken into account. You should assess shape, size, and visibility to determine which areas should have useful highlights which might be viewed from the living room window or from the dining or other room.

    Incorporating furniture to a garden can also hold a few of the best garden ideas for small gardens. This can beautify the garden’s look and more feature for relaxation.

    An incredible space saver is vertical planting. The plan requires a fence bordering the northern end of the garden. This makes the very best utilization of available space by training plants upward as opposed to letting them sprawl. Although large hardscapes such as boulders and walls might be out of the question, you can still make the illusion of separation by making use of hedges, rocks as in my example, gravel rivers as in Japanese gardening, etc.

    It may be also a great idea to place colored sculptures, vases and pots around the garden. It may be circled by small flowers and plants to generate an overgrown effect. However care must be taken not to add too many things as this will take away from the garden’s pure beauty. And no matter what we may do with garden landscaping for small gardens, nothing compares to the lush and catching effect of green grass.

    Creating small gardens are a little challenging at the planning stage, although with a bit of leg work you can make lovely spectaculars for all year long.


    Our Ultimate Guide to Online Shopping: 101 Places to Buy Furniture & Home Decor

    Online shoppers would really love this article especially if you are into furniture. I check some of the  shops and was amazed because some of the unique designs can be bought online. Check out these 101 shops and enjoy shopping online!

    Oh, the joys of online home decor shopping. Not only can you find great deals on all kinds of housewares, you can do it all in your pajamas and from the privacy of your own sofa (that you may or may not having purchased via a website). It goes without saying, the internet is a design lover’s dream store.

    With all those amazing marketplaces and discounts, though, beware that online shopping can also be overwhelming, if not downright dangerous. That’s why it helps to know where to look beforehand, and to have an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing. To encourage smarter shopping, we’ve rounded up 101 of the best places to buy home goods online (and categorized them by room and price point for safe measure). And while we can’t promise it’ll keep you from going wild on the world-wide-web (who wouldn’t go crazy for Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.’s lighting and home goods, seen above), we can at least take comfort in knowing we tried to make it as effective an experience as possible.

    Home Furniture

    1. Target: A no brainer for inexpensive, trendy furniture, and just about anything else you’d ever need for your pad. ($)

    2. Wayfair: All the housewares you could ever dream of, all in one affordable spot. ($$)

    3. West Elm: If you’re searching for comfortable seating at a fair price point, you don’t have to look much further than this sister store to Williams-Sonoma. ($$)

    4. Crate & Barrel: Streamlined furnishings with a modern vibe and a decent price point. ($$)

    5. Ethan Allen: High-quality sofas, chairs and loveseats for every type of style, and more importantly, a killer clearance section. ($$-$$)

    (C) Westelm.com

    (C) Westelm.com


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    9 Important Strategies for Raising Children in a World of Technology

    In this new generation it’s really hard to cope up with our kids. They are greatly influence by the new technologies or social medias. And too much use of them will somehow result into conflicts within the family.  So how do we manage our kids in a world of technology?

    “We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phone, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence, because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are.” —Jefferson Bethke

    Recently, Allison Slater Tate wrote an important article in the Washington Post: Parenting as a Gen Xer: We’re the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything. 

    (C) Smartgadgetreviews.com

    (C) Smartgadgetreviews.com

    Allison articulates and draws attention to a unique struggle facing our generation of parents. Namely, how to raise children in an age of technology.

    She sums up our current challenge like this:

    My generation, it seems, had the last of the truly low-tech childhoods, and now we are among the first of the truly high-tech parents…

    When it comes to parenting, I find this middle place extremely uncomfortable, because I know what childhood and adolescence were like before the Internet, but all my parenting models came from that era…

    Technology wins the prize for being the trickiest parenting challenge I have faced.

    Parents today know the decisions we make for our kids concerning technology are important—but entirely without context.

    Our conversations on the sidelines at soccer games about these issues are never based on proven experience (When I was a kid, my mom used to…). Instead, it is based on guesswork and the little wisdom we have gained (Well, this is what we have decided to do. What about you guys?).


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    Benefits of Using Plastic Pipes

    (C) HomeAdvisor.com

    (C) HomeAdvisor.com

    Plumbing differs in each home and there are many different types of pipe that can be used in the home. But have you ever take into consideration that having plastic pipe may save the day? Why is that you are asking? To put it simply, there are various benefits of having a pipe system like this. At first, thinking about using plastic pipes in plumbing especially in water heater might sound incongruous. The obvious problem that you can foresee is the hot water melting the plastic pipe. Well, there are different types of plastics available for sale.

    Degradation and corrosion

    One of the greatest down sides of metal plumbing is it is subject to corrosion. With time, it isn’t a matter of if it may happen, but when. For house owners getting into houses that have been around for several years, the process may already be occurring. When metal corrodes, it leaves the prospect open not only to leaks, but to copper seeping into the water.

    Environmentally, plastic pipes are quite pleasant to the environment given it could be recycled. Out there nowadays, there are several kinds of plastic that is being used for piping. One is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)which is a rigid plastic. It comes in 2 various colors namely blue that is for cold water piping, and orange which is for waste and sewerage. Plus there is its close cousin the Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC), colored white that is being used for hot water delivery.

    Furthermore, you may notice that plastic pipe work is less likely to hinder the flow of water over the long-term. Various types of metal pipes will likely rust or corrode and experience certain degrees of scaling on the inner surfaces. This has the potential to build up and prohibit the free flow of the water. A significant build up of scaling as time passes is certain to result in a block and slow up the water pressure. Plastic pipes aren’t likely to experience these issues so able to continue to provide free-flowing water which isn’t hindered in any way.

    Cost-effective option

    Anyone who is fitting a property with plumbing or is seeking to cut costs in industrial applications needs to consider plastic pipe fabrication. It’s much less costly than copper and many other metal materials frequently used in industry. These costs aren’t only helpful from the point of purchase, but from a transportation angle as well. Because they are much lighter, they cost less to transport, meaning more money in any family’s reserves.


    Protecting Your Roof

    At some point, your roofing system is bound to acquire some damage over time. Apparent or not, these roofing problems are undoubtedly a headache and will mean you will need to spend a fortune again.

    Of course, it is a fact that it is crucial that you focus on the interiors and every little thing inside the house. Many people invest most of our resources in improving or upgrading the furniture, bedroom, kitchen and many more. We always desire to have a stylish and inviting home as you possibly can.

    Nevertheless the bad thing in there is most householders have a tendency to hardly take notice with their roofs. The truth is the roof is much more essential than the furniture and other decors. Therefore, you need to at least take a little of your time checking your roof, besides, it’s your number 1 shield from the weather, storms and hurricanes, particularly if you are from places where hurricanes do happen, so you’ve to have a strong and tough roof which can protect from it.

    (C) Roofingdecatur.com

    (C) Roofingdecatur.com

    You must do improvement at home to be able to assure that you’ve got a tough and strong shelter that may protect you. You can find roofers that may answer your home needs specifically roofing problems. There are many out there that make sure that they can fulfill their clients and ensure to accommodate all their needs. Just be sure to choose the best one, the company that may answer all your roofing needs without having hesitations.

    Each of the troubles in roofing may be saved by initially picking out a good firm that will make your roof waterproof. There are several roofers which focus on creating solid roofs. These firms make use of latest technology and high quality materials which ensures longevity of the top of your house. In addition they utilize skilled workman who’re skillful with lots of different roofing jobs. Thus whatever type of roof you have, sloped or flat, they are able to handle the task with their own expertise.

    As it is a fact that the roof in one thing which can protect us with the heat of the sun, storm, hurricanes and the likes, we need to give an effort of checking it out and allowing a dependable roofing firm to fix or put in a new one for you. Make your house the best one for you and your loved ones.