4 things you can do to help your child learn at the playground

    Most children do not get enough physical activity these days. With schools eliminating their physical education programs and kids spending more time watching TV and playing video games, it is no wonder childhood obesity at an all-time high (and still climbing). You have to encourage them and help them get physical activities.


    Parents are very much encouraged to be involved in their children’s activities, especially during play. By playing with them, you get to strengthen your relationship with them, participate in activities that they like, and encourage impromptu learning opportunities.

    Even time at the playground can offer many opportunities for you to bond with your child. Playing at the playground and chasing playmates may sound meaningless. On the contrary, there is actually a lot of learning taking place.

    In order to move around structures successfully, children need to develop their motor skills and spatial awareness to have strong muscles and learn to be mindful of their bodies in that space. They also practice social skills such as communication and turn-taking when playing with their friends. Parental involvement can further enhance the quality of your child’s learning at the playground.

    Mrs. Wong*, a parent of three children, said that she usually uses her phone to check her emails while her children are playing at the playground. Mr. Tan*, a member of the pioneer generation, also noticed that parents are very focused on their phones at the playground and do not engage with their children.

    You may think that there is a certain limit to what you can do with your children at the playground but here are four ideas that you can take with you when you head to the playground with your kids!


    1. Documenting Your Children at Play

    Observe your children’s play and take pictures and videos of your children as they are playing. These pictures and videos give you an opportunity to look back at those memories fondly.

    Share these pictures and videos with your children and show them what they did at the playground. You can also use it to talk with them about their play experiences.


    2. Reflecting with Children about their Play Experiences

    Mrs. Wong* also shared that play can be about engaging children in conversations. As a parent, she listens to her children when they are talking about their play experiences. Mrs. Devi*, an early childhood educator, highlighted that parents should give sufficient time for children to


    12 ways to create instant street appeal

    Curb appeal increases the value of your home. How? By increasing the visual appearance of your home. Increase the appeal of your home by decorating with lawn and garden decorations.


    Real-estate agents love to bandy the phrase “street appeal” about when selling houses – but there’s no doubt about it, people generally judge a house on how it looks from the street. Even if you’re planning to live in your home for ever, it’s still nice to think that the face it shows to the world is one that looks loved and cared for. Sadly, a scruffy front garden with cracked paving or a broken letterbox says the opposite. Here are 12 easy projects to help your house look its very best from the street.


    1 Front of house

    It may seem obvious but there’s no underestimating the impact a freshly painted front door can make on the look of a house. Or, if it works with the style of your place, you could buy a ‘designer’ door with hardware to match. Make sure the letterbox is up to scratch, too.


    2 Clear the way between the gate and the front door

    The route between gate and front door may be short but it also needs to be very obvious. If this is not the case, to avoid visitors stumbling around the garden trying to find the entrance, try placing a large pot or piece of sculpture on the path as a pointer to the door. Rerouting the front path might also be worth considering. But make sure new paths follow a natural access pattern to the door or you’ll risk people cutting through garden beds.


    3 Separate spaces between the driveway and the pavement

    If space allows, separate pedestrian and vehicle access with …


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    Metal Roofing Advantages

    Considering setting up a new roof but don’t figure out what to choose? In terms of the installation of a new roof, there is a great deal of possibilities on the market and it’s quite normal to become overwhelmed by your options. Commonly, people would most likely change their roof with ordinary asphalt roofing shingles. Yet, there is some hype about roofs that may easily clout your view regarding choosing the right type of roof for your home so you have to be extra mindful when choosing one.

    Image result for metal roof


    Being the creatures of custom, we are willing to simply go along with any materials that we have used some time before so we look for the name of a roofer to come and do the repairs. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth the time and mess to weigh all of the possibilities. One smart choice to think about is the choice of these metal roofs.

    For a number of options, a metal roof is an excellent choice because of its positive environmental features. Metal roofs can definitely save resources, and can also allow you to save energy, both in the production and their use. Metal roofing will last longer and are manufactured partly from best recycled materials. Additionally, they can easily be recycled after their life has come to an end. As they are in use, these roofs offer superb insulation properties meaning they keep best heat and the air in the home.

    It may look counter instinctive, but the truth is these roofs are the best at reflecting solar heat compared to asphalt shingled choices of roofs. These come in several pigment coatings and each coating type possesses its own solar reflectivity. The best coating, with the slope style of the roof that is taken into account, it is going to provide best in energy competence in spite of climate.

    A common fallacy concerning metal roofing is the price is prohibitive, yet the fact is that these roofs contrast favorably with many other choices. The price of asphalt roofing and the price of oil are becoming significantly expensive; thus making the roofing tiles pricier.

    Lastly, Metal roofs are lighter, require less support from below, and as such can reduce construction expenses. The lighter weight also makes it possible to put in a metal roof over the top of an existing roof, saving the time and cost of the need to remove the original roof. As a result, Metal roofing is indeed ideal to meet the needs of modern homes today. They can save you money, are very durable and can last for years.


    5 things you should know about premature menopause

    A woman who experiences menopausal symptoms as early as 40 (or even earlier) can be said to be prematurely menopausal. On average, menopause comes when a woman hits the age of 50.


    Premature menopause—defined as the permanent cessation of a woman’s menstrual period before the age of 40—can be a devastating blow. While the majority of women can expect to deal with the “change of life” around 51, about 1 percent of women between 30 and 39 will experience the menopausal transition earlier than expected.

    The hardest part for many of them? The loss of fertility during their childbearing years, on top of the many uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms of menopause—including hot flashes and mood swings.

    Symptoms of premature menopause
    The absence of monthly periods for more than one year—before the age of 40—signals that a woman is likely in menopause.

    Hot flashes and night sweats are very common, and can lead to difficulties with sleeping.

    Memory and concentration difficulties may also crop up.

    Urination can also become more frequent and even uncomfortable.

    These symptoms, coupled with decreased libido, can also lead to mood swings and irritability. A dramatic decrease in the female sex hormone, estrogen, is responsible for the majority of the issues  experienced during this time.

    Causes of premature menopause
    Women are born with the all the eggs they will every have—approximately one million. At the time of her first period, a woman has about 400,000 eggs left. By the time she is 30, 10 percent of her eggs remain. By 40, only 3 percent are left.


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    Decorating Your Walls With Photos

    It feels great to create something unique to enhance your house decoration. There are many strategies to do this, but for the purpose of this post, we are going to cover ways to display your favorite photos along with decorative mirrors and accents in order to make your very own wall of photos. Your wall of photos may be fun, classic, rustic, vintage or some other style you select. Your photo wall mirror creation style is dependent upon your own style as well as your current interior decor and furniture. There are several new ways to approach this decorating task, so you will need to select the right way for you. You will get some concepts from magazines that will help show you to finding the best way to create your own wall of photos. The following information should be of great assistance to you for preparing your photo wall.

    Related image


    Discover which wall you need to utilize for your photo wall creation by selecting one that is more often than not seen, but not a high traffic area. One such place might be above your sofa. That wall is one that’s seen a lot and simply no one is likely to be walking behind your sofa (unless you are cleaning back there) knocking off your frames and mirrors.

    This really is tied in strongly with location. Make sure the selected area is correctly illuminated, whether that be from a natural source, such as indirect sunshine, or a manufactured source. Make sure to avoid direct sunshine as it will fade photos and be sure to stop harsh wattages while you illuminate. A soft, properly placed wattage choice will offer your photo wall exactly the illumination it needs.

    Frame and Mirror Elements
    You wish your photo wall to look structured and not simply thrown up there. This can be achieved by finding common features in your frames and mirrors. As an illustration, you can utilize all bright colored frames of numerous styles and sizes with the mirrors in between. To create interesting shapes, consider using differently shaped mirrors, like round mirrors. Your photo wall mirror design is all up to you.

    Setting Up
    Take the time to position the photos and mirrors in a pretty pattern. You will need to use wall hooks for placement to keep the photo frames and mirrors in position. Non-damaging wall hooks can be utilized if you do not wish to put holes in your walls.

    Ultimately, be sure that your frames and mirrors are straight if you hang them and you have developed a pleasing pattern for your photo wall mirror creation. You may find your inner interior decorator with this particular project.


    Choosing the Right Roof Coating

    The best way to enhance your property is to buy quality roofing. As the days passes, the roofing will gradually degrade. The water buildup and weather changes have a tendency to ruin the roofing. To take care of all these kind of problems you have to think about applying roof coating to your residence. The coatings are available in lots of varieties. Some of the usual varieties include reflective coating, water proof coating, asphalt coating, metal coating, white covering etc. Let’s tackle a few of them.

    • Water proofing coating
    This kind of roof coating is primarily meant to fix any kind of water leak found on the roof of the house. The water resistant layer enables you to correct the leak and leave the roof top simply perfect. They are quite expensive. But it’s worth investing in it.

    • Reflective Coating
    This type of reflective coating really helps to reflect the damaging results weather conditions and sun rays. Hence it keeps cooling costs down by not permitting hot & harmful rays to enter inside the home. These are fairly great for those areas which come under high temperature and high humidity. They have the capability of tapping nearly 85% of solar power.

    • Asphalt coating
    This is the type which will help the roof to discard water and deflect the effects of being exposed to weather. It assists to ward off the impact of atmosphere.

    • Metal coating
    The ravages of time and weather take their toll on metal just like they do on any kind of roofing material. Even if your metal roof has paint or sealant applied to it from the factory, it won’t be as durable as it may with no proper coating applied after installation.

    • White covering
    The white coating is likely to block ultra violet radiation than reflecting it back. The white coating protects up against the radiation although built up foreign particles tend to limit the reflectivity. Roofing experts may restore the reflectivity by having new layers of topcoat that is cheaper and is also faster to make use of that the initial coating. It is best to get it repainted every 3-5 years based upon the location, weather and climate of the region

    Roof coatings offer an obvious appeal to a home-owner. Replacing a roof is one of the biggest capital costs any home-owner can face. A roof if not coated properly can cost nearly 90% of the total maintenance cost of the building while a coating, at a far lesser cost, may help lengthen the life of any roof, and help make savings on power bills. Professionals hold the experience to determine what would work for your residence so you may check on them for assistance.


    Essential Information for Employing Security Guards

    It is extremely understandable that you want to ensure the protection of you and your loved ones. By using a home security system, you’ll accomplish the wisest choice in ensuring the safety and peace of mind in knowing that while your eyes are closed or you are at work, your home is within watchful eye. The problem in terms of home security is, picking the best option for yourself. Regrettably, the process can be very draining if you do not have help or an expert guiding you through the process. Here are just some tips to help you through buying process.

    Check on the level of Security

    Selecting the most appropriate security services isn’t always easy although there are innumerable companies in the same field of operation. A web-based research may provide all the relevant details regarding guard services. These websites display extensive information on the sort of services offered by the security personnel, testimonial of the company and the clients. Nonetheless, you should conduct an intensive background check prior to hiring the services of any security company.

    Consider backgrounds

    Some providers will hire any guard with the requisite licensing to meet contract requirements. Search for providers that get for military and law enforcement backgrounds. The skills and experience learned from these career backgrounds make sure a guard that knows not only how to rise to the occasion when the situation dictates but additionally tells you that this individual knows just what selfless service entails. These individuals will go above and beyond in order to ensure the safety and security of your house!

    Verify the credentials

    Prior to hiring the security guys, make certain you confirm their credentials. This verification will involve a detailed background check of the person that you are about to hire. Even though it is time consuming, this verification is a necessary method that needs to be followed.

    Look at Customer testimonials

    Don’t forget, at the very least, reliable companies will supply testimonials from happy customers and referrals who you can contact Not just should you learn about the company and security guard requirements, but you should learn specifics about the operation, like the way the dispatch center works, where the center(s) are located, what’s the plan if there is some sort of power failure or disruption of service, and what’s the company’s relationship with the local authorities.

    Interview the candidates

    Selecting security guards must include interviewing every candidate personally to get a better idea about their skills. Even when you are routing your request through a security agency, ensure that you get the opportunity to interact with the candidates before you take the final decision.

    Clarify the terms of the contract

    Make sure to lay out precisely what you expect of your security guard before you agree to terms. He must know very well what his job entails and what he is responsible for and you need to make it clear what you are paying him to do.


    10 Secrets of a Happy Childhood

    Happy childhood is not something that is hard to provide for your kids but also if you are the kind of parents, to whom that does not come naturally, that could be the hardest thing. Examples are everywhere around us, how parents are struggling with bringing up their kids.


    1. Love the child you have.

    Experts agree that the number-one secret to raising a happy child is to celebrate him for who he is. When kids grow up knowing that their individual characteristics, talents, interests and opinions are valued and encouraged, they are ” grounded in an inner happiness that becomes the foundation for their whole life,” explains Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, co-author of Discover Your Child’s Learning Style (Prima Lifestyles).

    2. Turn “No, I Can’t” into “Yes, I Can!”

    When your child knows you have an unwavering belief in him, he feels he can accomplish anything. “It’s the ideas in a child’s head, what he says to himself, that matter most,” says Mac Bledsoe, author of Parenting with Dignity (Alpha Books). “So it’s up to parents to orchestrate a choir of affirmation.” When Bledsoe’s son, Drew, was in junior high, his coach told the boy that he had no talent for football. “Don’t ever allow anyone that much access to your goals and dreams,” Bledsoe counseled his crestfallen son. Today Drew plays professional football for the Buffalo Bills.


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    Home Decor: How to Create a Vintage Style Home


    You can get a real feeling of appreciation for the old when you incorporate them with the new. It is not necessary that the items always be furniture or perhaps home decorating items. An old butter churn or a wrought iron table designed for a patio can make a great conversation piece in an abandoned corner. A lot of people think vintage is perfect for only for the outdoors yet you can produce a wonderful living area using vintage items.

    Occasionally, it is hard to ensure your vintage decoration project will be able to support your own style as well. Take a few minutes to undergo 5 simple ideas below to ensure your project will be able to cover every aspect for a startling all round affect:

    1. Take into consideration the wall
    When designing your vintage style it’s best to build a particular focal point in your room wherever that may be so you don’t overpower your entire space. Wallpaper is a great way to easily create a feature and can set up an entertaining, striking look without having to be overbearing. Go for patterned wallpaper like a shabby chic floral print or a 70’s geo metric style to create the perfect vibe. In addition there is a choice of taking printed wallpaper just like an animal print immediately adding interest to your wall.

    2. Look at your windows
    The window treatments that you choose either can boost or detract from the rest of your décor. For this reason it’s very vital that you make your choice cautiously. You can even find curtains which are original to the era that you’re re-creating if you are ready to hunt and spend the money.

    3. Look at the flooring
    Vintage rugs are comparable to most other antiques for the reason that they’re older. In contrast to other antiques though, traditional rugs would generally have seen a bit far more use than perhaps a classic dresser or table or chairs. Contrary to the classic tables, chairs, dressers, and such, the traditional rugs almost undoubtedly got walked on.

    4. Think of great chairs and sofas
    These are the most practical items you could purchase, and they’re very easy to update after some polish, paint or re-upholster. Elegant French chairs give bedrooms an alluring update, 60s bubble chairs make children’s bedrooms an exciting place, and thrift highchairs look good in any kitchen.

    5. Accessorize
    When contemplating about vintage accessories think outside the box. Unique pieces like a lamp or even a patterned cushion all can add pops of style to your living area. In case you are into DIY you can even create the accessories yourself. Choose a few retro fabric and craft your own personal cushion, pillow case or throw for your living room or bedroom.


    Save Time in the Morning With Bathroom Organizers

    Image result for Bathroom Organizing Tips


    Mornings are busy enough without being able to have immediate access to required items when getting ready for work. Having things scattered round the room just takes extra minutes that typically are not available. Continue reading and learn the way to put all things in its place with a bathroom organizer.

    A great way to get more room in the bathroom would be to purchase in bulk by purchasing shampoo and conditioner in gallon. Get 2 different color bottles that you can fill the shampoo and conditioner in. Keep these bottles in the bathroom and store the big gallons in other places. If you use small bottles which will help you save much more room. Ensure your cosmetics or daily essentials don’t consume much space.

    Remove the things from the countertop that you do not frequently use. The several things you place there because it to appear cluttered. You’ve got bottles of shampoo, glasses, creams, oils, perfumes, make up, and so on. Take away those that you don’t use all the time, you could leave two of your favorite perfumes, one bottle of lotion as well as a shampoo. And also, make an effort to group products in the same category. Sooner, you will appreciate your bathroom wall mirrors better since you got rid of the distractions.

    Throw away empty containers right away. Tend not to place them on the bathroom wall paneling either. This may prevent clutter from accumulating. Throwing empty ones will make room for new bottles. Having an organized bathroom could make your everyday trip there easier. Cleaning becomes a breeze and also you don’t need to look through your things every single day since you know exactly where your things are. These seldom used or empty items will only add to your concerns in the long run.

    Hanging items in the bathroom also can save lots of space. Towel racks placed close to the shower and the sink can save room for the towels. Additionally, hooks can be put on the back of the bathroom door. Robes and pajamas can be hung on these hooks to be used right after showers.

    You can utilize a towel ladder to store your towels. A towel ladder stands in a angled position. Therefore you can store towels in every rung of the ladder. The benefit of a towel ladder on the towel rack is that it can hold many towels. A towel rack on the other hand can only hold few towels. Towel ladders also occupy a small foot print. This will save valuable storage space.

    These are a number of the more creative tips to better bathroom organization. Certainly, you can find hundreds of other great tips, and an amazing variety of bathroom organization products on the market today to help you get your bathroom in shape! All you need is a little creativity, some energy and the desire to become more organized.