• Murphy Bed: Giving Extra Space in a Room

    Like many individuals, space may be scarce where you live. Regardless of whether it’s a small studio apartment or a townhouse or some other kind of dwelling imaginable, you can always find many great reasons for freeing up as much space as you can at home. One of the most revolutionary how to … [Read More...]


    Murphy Bed: Giving Extra Space in a Room

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    Like many individuals, space may be scarce where you live. Regardless of whether it’s a small studio apartment or a townhouse or some other kind of dwelling imaginable, you can always find many great reasons for freeing up as much space as you can at home. One of the most revolutionary how to achieve this is a new twist on an old favorite: Murphy wall beds.

    When space is limited

    Perhaps it is said that despite the fact that Murphy wall beds are extremely popular for their style and elegance, the widespread appeal truly boils down to their saving space feature. Considering how cramped many houses and apartments are these days, it isn’t surprising that these products have been enjoying resurgence in recognition lately. The fact that numerous models today include cabinets that add – rather than detract – from a house’s existing decor certainly goes a long way towards making them more palatable to a far greater number than in the past. Should you be like a lot of others, you happen to be always searching for ways to make your home seem roomier. With Murphy wall beds, your home won’t “seem” more roomy – it actually will be.
    Combine comfort and multi-functionality in your home

    While sofa beds are an alternative choice that lots of people consider, it’s vital to note that the fold-out nature of such contraptions renders them quite unpleasant. One thing’s for sure: Murphy wall beds are beautifully comfy. Your guests for example will not be relegated to an unpleasant pull out bed. When they leave, simply fold the wall bed back up and arrange the shelves or whatever other configuration you have selected back into proper order. In essence, you’ll savor at least two rooms in one – and you will always be ready to have guests stay the night.

    Many styles and forms to choose from

    Beds can use mechanisms that fold the bed out length-wise or width-wise. A bed that folds out width-wise if a bigger space saver, although the drawbacks are that the guests may end up in an awkward position or in the case of 2 guests, one of them will probably be trapped against a wall. Beds can be built-in within a wall cabinet, a closet, a hutch/chest, or even a desk. They may be accompanied by shelving, drawers and lighting. A few choices include a slide out night stand, and lower drawer storage.

    Installing wall beds is a significant investment; however the expense can be well worth it for small dwellings. Consider them if there is a tight space which needs to be utilized for sleeping. Check for styles and models that best suit the existing aesthetic. Finally, be sure to hire a reputable installation company.


    Wood Roofing Shingles

    A wood shingle, often known as a wood shake, is surely an replacement for a standard asphalt single. It is typically used in a residential roofing project since it features a natural look. Wood shingles have various widths, colors, thicknesses, and cuts, producing a unique roof filled with character. There are several good reasons to install a wood shake roof on a property, however there’s also a number of cons off which you should know.

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    A wood roof provides energy benefits as it has an insulating quality. Additionally, it delivers the roof with breathability. Shingles are laid on felt rows atop small openings that permit flow of air. Fire retardant is impregnated on pressure-treated wood shakes, leading to these to meet national standards for fire safety. A pressure treated wood shingle lasts longer than one made from another type of wood.

    As a counter to not being recyclable, these shingles are produced from natural materials, most made from renewable types of trees. If the wood is sealed, it’s not as prone to weather-related deterioration. This allows the roof to endure sun, rain, snow, and wind for a longer time without the need to be replaced.

    On the negative side, wood is very flammable so some wood roof items are harder to get past inspectors to pass code, particularly in areas susceptible to forest fires or dry air. Obviously, new technology is making wood shingles and shakes which are already treated with a fire retardant material however these may still require a second or 3rd application throughout the lifetime of the roof, which means more maintenance for the home owner.

    Although shingles and shakes are available in numerous grades, you need to be certain to specify that you like “Blue Label” shakes for your roofing. The finest shakes easily available are straight-grained heartwood as they are made from the most long-lasting and sap-free part of the tree. It is critical if you reside in a humid climate, to deal with your shingles using the fungicide after a year. Additionally it is smart to apply a clear wood preservative and fungicide.

    Cedar shake roofing has a very special appearance that people find appealing and delightful. They’re made to reveal the uneven natural grain of the wood that provides an old-fashioned appearance. Other than the distinctive look that it gives, it also could add great value to a home. For a home that needs restoration, it can be a great choice.


    How Do I Fix Sagging Sofa Cushions

    Sofa cushion covers allow you to choose the way your furniture looks in variable designs more often. Cushion covers are protective covers to keep your sofa from frequent damage. But what if the cushion covers are sagging itself?


    Replacement Cushions

    If you have an older couch you may find yourself asking the question, “How do I fix sagging sofa cushions?” As the years pass you’ll find that each time you sit down you sink deeper and deeper into the couch. Since sofas are expensive you probably won’t want to run out and buy a new one – and you don’t have to. There are many ways to fix sagging sofa cushions without having to go to extreme measures.

    Preventative Steps

    First of all it’s important to take preventative measures to keep cushions from becoming saggy in the first place.

    • When purchasing a sofa think about how it will be used and buy accordingly. Cushions come in down-and-feather blends, spring-down, foam, and combinations of the three. Down cushions require constant fluffing, while foam springs back on its own.
    • Try to avoid flopping down on the couch, and don’t let children jump on it. Nothing will wear down the cushions faster.
    • Rotate the cushions regularly so that one part doesn’t wear out faster than another.
    • Every now and then move the couch to different spots in the room. It may encourage people to sit on different sides of the sofa.

    How Do I Fix Sagging Sofa Cushions Myself?

    No matter how careful you are with your sofa, time will eventually take its toll and the cushions will start to sag. The first thing to do before trying to fix sagging cushions is to inspect the sofa carefully to make sure the problem is isolated to the cushions and it’s not a problem with the sofa frame. Once that’s been established there are a few things you can do.

    Add or Replace Foam

    It may be that the foam in the cushions needs to be replaced or made thicker. Since most couch cushions have a zipper it isn’t too difficult to fix. Simply unzip and add layers of foam to the top and bottom of the cushion. Using cotton batting is another option but the results can be lumpy and uneven. For best results use foam.


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    How to Use Vinegar & Salt As a Weed Killer

    Creating a homemade weed killer can be done with 3 easy ingredients.


    Use household materials for effective weed control.

    Vinegar has proven itself an effective weed killer. Like most commercial herbicides, it’s nonselective, not caring whether it kills weeds or your petunias. Unlike commercial weed killers, vinegar is eco-friendly and won’t harm people, pets or the environment. Vinegar’s only real drawback in certain cases is that it has no residual action, so new weeds soon arrive. Permanent removal is occasionally desirable for stubborn weeds in gravel drives and paths as well as cracks and crevices in walkways and sidewalks. Add common table salt to vinegar to destroy weeds for good in these trouble spots. Just make sure to never pour the salt mixture on soil, as the solution will make sure that nothing grows in that spot again.

    1 Pour 1 gallon of white vinegar into a bucket. Everyday 5-percent household white vinegar is fine for this weed killer. You won’t need higher, more expensive concentrations such as 10 or 20 percent. It may take two or three days longer to kill the weeds with the lower concentration, but they will die.

    2 Add 1 cup of table salt. Stir the solution with a long-handled spoon until all the salt dissolves completely.

    3 Stir in 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap. This will act as a surfactant and make the vinegar and salt solution adhere to the weeds more efficiently. Blend thoroughly.

    4 Funnel the weed killer into a plastic spray bottle.

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    Kitchen Countertops

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    Your kitchen will never be complete with no countertop. It is one of the furnishings that make kitchen functions easier. It’s the place where you can chop your food. If you are done cooking, it is the spot for plating. It is just the ideal spot for preparing food and displaying kitchen items. No surprise that it’s important because it is one of the most used spaces in the kitchen.

    Because people never cease to stop using countertops, it is very important find the best one. Each home owner should get high quality countertops at the best price. Here are the top five alternatives you can pick from;

    • Natural Stone Countertops

    For individuals who don’t want the short life-span of laminate countertops and are not constrained by small budgets, natural stone countertops are for you. Examples of natural stones are granite, quartz and marble. Such stones are extremely classy and instantly increase the value of just about any room.

    • Laminate Countertops

    Perhaps, laminate countertops are the frequently used kind because of its cost and features. Laminates are constructed with plastic-coated synthetics that happen to be very easy to set up and clean, and in addition tough. It is offered in numerous patterns and colors that can complement any look of the kitchen. The downside of laminates is that when they are scratched or cracked, you can’t really repair them – they have to get replaced.

    • Tile Countertops

    The tile itself doesn’t burn, scorch, or cut with normal wear. There is a huge selection of colors, textures and because it is a hand installed product, you can get as elegant or as plain as you prefer. There are different kinds of tiles that are made into countertops. Some of them are porcelain, ceramic and stone. Each one has distinct characteristics, giving various features and level of comfort.

    • Wood Countertops

    Wood always makes a natural beauty. When made into countertops, it produces a cozy and warm effect to your kitchens. By far the most famous wood countertops would be the butcher block.Since wood is permeable, it has more areas for bacteria to be exposed to. As a result, it needs to be cleansed at all times. It’s also prone to burns, stains and scratches. But the plus side to them is that they may be refinished every time they look worn out. It really is very easy to regain their old appearance.

    • Stainless Countertops

    Created from metal, this countertop offers a modern and a contemporary appearance for the kitchen. They are also strong and resistant to damages. Therefore, a homeowner would not have to worry about cracking, scratching, burning and staining. It is also easy to maintain. Spills and dirt can be simply wiped out. You may also use disinfectants to keep the surface bacteria-free all the time.

    Certainly, there are lots of kitchen countertops now available on the market. You just need to keep in mind that each material has different features. Know your requirement and budget to come up with the correct decision.


    Picking the Best Front Door

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    The front door helps create a first impression of the home. The color of the door, the materials, the size, the simplicity or extravagance of the door all give itself to the mood of the property. For people who are designing a brand new home or trying to remodel your h home, consider changing the door to something that reflects personality rather than functionality.

    As with any other purchase you will make for your home, there are several things which you will need to take into consideration when making this very important purchase. There are numerous types of front door design available depending on a home’s needs. These could be customized based on one’s personal preferences and style.

    Obviously size is always a consideration when selecting a front door design. The most evident reason for carefully planning a purchase would be to ensure that the door you purchase will fit. Rough measurements will not do, unless you are fine with the idea of a poor fitting door. This is the tricky task that will require precision and takes time. Even though most people could accurately measure the door themselves, it is best to have the doorway professionally surveyed to make certain there are no errors. After you have the correct measurements, you could start to think about the other important aspects of your new door.

    Material likewise counts a lot; wooden doors are very pricey and need extra care in maintenance; should your budget permits you and you can take proper care or you have enough money to replace it after some period, you may get it set up as it provides a rich look to the house. Composite doors can be purchased in a large variety; you may select them for your residence; glass doors with a long lasting frame also looks nice; it is possible to decorate the glass panels with stain glass and boost the beauty of your house.

    Another important consideration in buying a front door is its security features. You’ll find those with spy holes that is vital when the occupier is vulnerable by any means. Having a spy hole before opening the door to callers assist to judge whether you are familiar with the person or not and what they may bring with them. Doubled up with a security chain within the front door and you’ve got the best protection against people that pose likely risks.

    Home owners should give high regard to the aspects of their home. The front door is not just another passage into the house; it is an object which makes a statement around the individuals who chose it. Keep all the points in mind and pick the door that meets your budget, size of house and your area.


    Fake Camera to Stop Crime and Save Money

    Crime rates have always been significantly rising. Anywhere you go, absolutely nothing is apparently secure anymore. This is the reason why lots of people are securing their houses and having precautionary and security measures to ensure that their properties are very well protected and safe. More than ever, a lot of people use surveillance cameras to protect their homes, office and business. Yet, you’ll be able to save money and maintenance time with the addition of a fake security camera to your home security system. Although some people make an effort to save even more money by using only fake cameras, it is usually best to use them in addition to your regular security cameras. This tends to drastically lower the overall cost of your security system, simply because you do not have to spend lots of money on multiple cameras.


    – The first thing to consider is the cost. Some brands duplicate systems which are almost as costly as the real thing. If you’re able to afford those, then you might as well obtain a real system. A good fake system does not have to cost you a lot of cash, rather it must seem like it cost you a bundle of money.

    – No criminal may want to present their identity to the people given the fact that they’re doing illegal thing. That’s the reason why burglars look first on the setting of their home target. Right after they knew that a home or an business has surveillance camera (not knowing if its fake) will clearly drive them off.

    – The key reason why a fake camera functions so well is that it seems much like the real thing. It ought to be extremely hard for a prospective burglar to determine if the device is real or not. In this manner, they will not wish to take the risk of carrying out a robbery in front of it.

    – A camera is one method to get caught and end in jail. Thus, a fake security camera minimizes petty crimes. The doubt of real and fake camera will be enough to help your house become less of a target. This is usually a wiser approach instead of not having at all or paying for very pricey items

    No matter how realistic or expensive a fake security camera seems to be, it is still a fake camera. It is really still advised to have a real surveillance camera, yet a fake camera might also be an addition to your real ones. You may lace the fake cams in highly obvious areas thus everybody are fully aware of they are being watched. No one is the wiser than they are really not watched. Then put real cameras in areas in which you have valuable assets, high traffic or out of sight areas that have many activity.


    5 Types Of Relationships That Always End In A Break Up

     Very often couples come in when their relationship is already on life support. The troubles did not just rise up over night. They were there all along.


    Thought Catalog Flickr </a

    1. “We’re best friends…and that’s it”

    Ideally your significant other should be your best friend. I’ve never understood people who think otherwise. That being said, you still need to have passion for each other. You still need to want to fuck them on a moment’s notice.  I can’t speak to what it feels like to be married for thirty years—I fear that most couples do just become BFF at that point and not much more—but in the beginning of a relationship, the love should feel like drugs. You should be drinking each other up like a potion. Of course, passion isn’t an easy thing to maintain. It can be there one day and gone the next, never to return. And when that happens, when you find yourself dating someone for a year and it already feeling like a decade, you’re probably going to break up. The unofficial reason? You don’t really want to have sex with them. They’re your best friend who you accidentally ended up dating for a bit, which is something that happens to the best of us. Sometimes the only thing keeping friends from being lovers is a hard dick.

    2. “I’m Type A, you’re Type Z”

    A lot of times, a type-A personality will shack up with someone who’s their polar opposite. They’ll be organized, ambitious and detail-oriented while their partner is more “go with the flow” and scatter-brained. This kind of yin-and-yang can work. Together, the different personalities balance each other out. The Tracy Flick psycho will learn how to mellow out and not be so rigid. Meanwhile, the relaxed partner will hopefully get some structure and focus. Sometimes, though, the personality difference is too wide. The type-A personality starts to resent their partner for maybe not having their shit together, which then starts to lead to a loss of respect. Like my dear old mom once said, “Never date someone you have to mother.” The person who’s more laid back can also grow tired of being bossed around and told what to do. It’s not good for either person. At a certain point you’re just enabling each other’s worst qualities rather than actually growing together.

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    When Should You Get Your Kid a Cell Phone?

    There are many reasons why as a responsible parent you might consider getting your child a cell phone. First and foremost, safety is a concern with thousands of children going missing each year – or suddenly facing challenging or threatening situations.


    What’s the Right Age for a Cell Phone?

    My daughter got her first cell phone in 7th grade (after much lobbying, whining, begging, and squabbling). Because she took public transportation home from school, my husband and I decided it was a good idea from a safety standpoint.

    There were no texts, the phone couldn’t take pictures, she was told how many minutes were allowed, and we did take it away from her as a punishment once (and it was very effective). Flash forward to the next child, four years her junior. He got a phone in 6th grade, mostly for the same reasons.

    But technology had moved on, and his came with texting and photo ability, not to mention games. By then, our daughter had also become a text messaging ninja, and we’d upgraded our plan for unlimited texts (a very wise move) and replacement insurance (ditto).

    Many parents wrestle with the issue of cell phones for kids. What’s the right age for kids to get cell phones, and what functions are age appropriate? And what about smart phones with their abilities to download apps (not to mention their additional data plans!)?

    These questions are best answered by asking other questions:

    • How independent are your kids?
    • Do your children “need” to be in touch for safety reasons — or social ones?


    See more: http://www.pbs.org/parents/childrenandmedia/article-when-should-you-get-kid-cell-phone.html


    5 Tips for Herb Garden

    Herb gardening is fun and straightforward to construct. They put colors and add beautification to your homes. It typically contributes in having an awesome landscape and incorporates tranquility to your place or even your garden. There are several methods to design your own herb garden, may it be situated in your house or outdoors. Following a few basic tips will assist you to create the herb garden that’s right for you and also add to the value of your property.


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    • With respect to the inclinations of designers garden designs can vary greatly. Your herb garden design will mainly rely on your preferences, tastes and needs. In Europe as well as other countries of the world, you will find new gardeners who hire the services of numerous gardening specialists to design their gardens in the backyard, windowsills, or any place in the house.

    • You can pick in several approaches what type of herbs you would like to plant, may it either be for culinary, decorative or medicinal purposes. The majority of herb growers design their herb gardens in a rectangle form or in square types, however it depends upon how your imagination works it method to having a creative design. You should know the intention of your herb garden.

    • When determining your herb garden design and exactly where your specific herbs will live, you really don’t have to concern yourself with breaking any hard and fast gardener’s rules. One rule to bear in mind is to separate those herbs that like the dry soil – like rosemary and thyme – from those which want more moisture – like basil and parsley. Or group together specific herbs that have the same color. In this way, you are able to cultivate some areas without disturbing the plants that’ll be returning.

    • If you prefer to style your garden in a formal way, you can utilize geometric designs like squares or circles. In a formal garden design, the herbs’ colors are thoroughly selected; are arranged by height; and has an excellent symmetrical design. Illustrations of formal design gardens are Knot gardens and Spiral herbs.

    • There is also the so-called Container Herb Garden Design. This garden is comprised of various plants placed or planted in containers. Container gardening is regarded as a good alternative for gardening in small areas. This design permits more freedom, as you can group them effectively and move them if required.

    Let your resourcefulness stand out; enjoy yourself making your garden a magical place!